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‘Divine Wealth and Success: Unlocking the Abundance Within’

‘Divine Wealth and Success: Unlocking the Abundance Within’

Author: Bishop (Prof.) Leonard Umunna

Number of pages: 57

Published 2024

By Bible Life Church Int’l Publishers, Lagos

The author, Leonard Umunna, who is the presiding bishop of Bible Life Church, a Lagos-based Christian denomination, portrayed a practical but biblical-backed instruction on wealth creation, generation and retention.

The nine (9)-chapter publication was written in simple present-continuous tense to make reading and understanding easy for the readers. Furthermore, the author started with an introduction that takes the reader on a trajectory and transformative path of wealth creation and how believers can leverage the book to deepen their knowledge of divine wealth.

“The quest for wealth has captivated humanity for ages, with varying interpretations and pursuits. While material prosperity is often seen as the ultimate goal, there exists a higher form of abundance that transcends material possessions—the wealth of the divine.

“True wealth transcends monetary riches; it encompasses spiritual fulfillment and alignment with our creator. However, the pursuit of wealth comes with stress, discontentment and societal pressures. To navigate this complex journey, one must possess a comprehensive understanding of spiritual and financial principles, human behavior and the underlying dynamics that shape our world.”

According to the author, lessons shared in the book go beyond conventional notions of wealth and delve into the realms of mindset, spirituality, energy, conscious creation of spiritual laws, our mindset and the creation of value.

He then disclosed that he desires that the book will provide practical guidance for individuals at all stages of their financial journey.

“Ultimately, this book serves as my invitation to you to embark on a profound inner journey – a journey that leads to the discovery of God’s divine success for you.”

The book started with an insight into a partnership that works towards creating lasting wealth in chapter one. ‘A Different Approach to Success and Wealth’.

The author writes about embracing a divine partnership that requires acknowledging the significance of tithes and first fruits in wealth creation.

“Those who neglect these offerings hinder their success and abundance. By honoring God with your substance, you activate the law of abundance: as you give more, you receive more. However, it’s important to remember that this is just one facet of partnering with God in your journey to realising the success and prosperity He has ordained for you.

“The other crucial aspect where you partner with God is in aligning your work with your talents and destiny calling. Seek out the areas where your strengths, skills and talents are pronounced and pay attention to the activities you love to do for others, what wrong done in society grieves you and what anomaly you are inspired to correct.”

The author further disclosed that the book will empower the readers to take control of their financial life, make informed decisions and create a legacy that will last for generations.

“By embracing the principles I share in this book, you can unlock the door to a life of limitless possibilities that brings about God’s divine abundance for you.”

In chapter two, the author focused on ‘Factors That Diminish Wealth’ where he highlighted some habits and trends that the reader can avoid in building lasting wealth. While in chapter three, he delved into the ‘Principles of Wealth Generation’ disclosing that wealth creation is a multifaceted endeavour that requires a balanced blend of both divine principles and practical strategies.

The author further highlighted how the readers can explore the harmonious fusion of spiritual insights and actionable steps to not only create wealth but also live a life of purpose and meaning.

In the other chapters of the book, the author presents a blueprint of divine wealth; envisions a balanced wealth ecosystem, where resources are distributed equitably and opportunities for prosperity are accessible to all. The book advocates for practices that promote inclusivity, fairness and social well-being.

According to the author, divine wealth is marked by the cultivation of wisdom in financial matters. He disclosed that wealth creation involves making decisions with discernment, seeking counsel when needed and continually deepening one’s understanding of how to navigate the complexities of wealth in a way that aligns with higher principles.

The author posits that wealth creation encompasses not only financial wellbeing but also physical, mental and emotional well-being.

According to him, wealth creation emphasises the importance of nurturing all aspects of oneself to create a foundation for a truly prosperous and fulfilling life.

Accordingly, the author concluded by disclosing that integrity in wealth creation serves as a beacon, illuminating the path toward prosperity with an unwavering moral compass.