‘Different faces of narcissism’, book by Canada-based Nigerian set for launch

A book, which focuses on the symptoms of emotional abuse, particularly when it is committed by a friend or family member, titled “Different faces of narcissism”, has been authored by Marian Balogun, a marketing communications professional, who had practised in Nigeria but now based in Canada.

The author, who is also founder of Alpha Brown communication, noted in a press statement that people who have endured ongoing emotional abuse are rarely aware of it because it has always been their life.

Marian, the author, recalled needing all the assistance she could get as she studied for her post-graduate degree. However, an offer that appeared to offer the desired comfort turned out to be a Trojan horse, and the rider was the kind of friend that rendered opponents obsolete. She recalls being victimized by her attacker’s constant toxic behaviour, gaslighting, and emotional assault when she “grew wise and tried to escape”.

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“Victims often feel powerless by not really knowing why they are being persecuted. By recognizing your oppressor’s narcissistic traits early on, you can avoid falling into their trap. When you know what red flags are in front of you, you can avoid getting entangled by them,” the author says.

If you’re unsure whether the plan against you was motivated by narcissism, the book reveals the various manifestations of the disorder and demonstrates with real-world examples how to spot them, respond to them, and safeguard yourself against toxic friends.

“Marian is a very in-touch and charismatic leader, this self-help book incorporates her experience of narcissistic abuse and her road to recovery,” said Svetlana Ratnikova, founder and CEO of Immigrant Women in Business, Canada.

“The book contains a range of practical tools and tips on how to deal with a narcissist, aiming to keep you safe and sane and the one in control. I recommend this book to anyone that has been victimized by a narcissist; it is time to start healing,” Ratnikova said.

The book will be launched at the Women Empowerment Social Impact event on the 15th of July, 2022 by 5 pm (EST) at the Toronto City Hall.

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