• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Core habits that can foster connection in your marriage

Conversations to have before you say “I Do”

If you don’t play together, you won’t gain much together.

It is important to be very intentional about how you connect with your spouse, if you only connect with work, your team members and on social media, it will dampen the time you should have spent with your family.

If you also do not create a culture or routine around it, it may be difficult to see it happen like you want. Instead of feeling bad at the situations in your marriage, start somewhere and grow into more. The most important thing is to focus on the end goal and start with the minimum that your time and capacity can handle without comparing yourself to anyone.

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Let us look into some habits that can work for your marriage now, it is okay to choose one or as much as you can begin with:

· Healthy communication: Your communication becomes better when it is honest, open, transparent and focused on your growth as a couple and an individual. Effective communication is the cornerstone of a strong marriage. Couples should regularly talk about their thoughts, feelings, needs, and concerns with each other. This creates an atmosphere of trust and emotional intimacy. It can begin with sharing updates from your daily activities and then move into more intimate conversations. While communicating, you need to also practice active listening so that your partner feels that you are present and interested in the conversation. During this moment, it is great to work towards forgiveness when there is offense and also resolve any conflicts yet to be unaddressed. Try to understand your partner’s perspective and feelings, even if you don’t agree. Empathy fosters compassion and support. So under communication, we have honest conversations, empathy, active listening and conflict resolution.

· Shared Quality Time Together: It is important to have some shared activities that helps you bond frequently. Dedicate time for each other without distractions. Whether it’s a weekly date night or simply spending time together at home, quality time strengthens the bond between partners. You can also start with interests and hobbies you both love, it can be maximised during your weekends together also. Nurturing shared interests or hobbies can help couples connect on a deeper level and create lasting memories together. You can also bond via shared responsibilities like cooking together or any other collaborative tasks. Life can get busy, but make an effort to regularly reconnect with your partner. This might involve checking in throughout the day or planning weekend getaways.

· Build and Support Each Other’s Goals: When you share a common vision in your marriage, it will accelerate your growth faster. Encourage and support each other’s individual goals and dreams. A sense of togetherness is strengthened when partners cheer each other on in their pursuits. Embrace personal and relational growth and be open to adapting to new phases of life together. While supporting each other’s goals, don’t forget to maintain individual identities that keeps you purposeful also.

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· Prioritise Intimacy and deep affection: Emotional connection paves way for affection and intimacy begins with the little gestures like hugs, sensual taps, kisses and cuddles. Do not wait for sexual contact before demanding for sex, learn how to bond in the day and enjoy each other’s company so that sexual activities do not become a chore or stressful activity done out of resentment.

· Compliment each other: Make it a constant practice to celebrate yourselves. If there are areas your partner is doing well in for the marriage, talk about it and celebrate him. So you can either show gratitude towards each other or celebrate some milestones and achievements together.

As you build these habits with yourself, you will notice a change in how you connect with yourself. By practicing these habits and being committed to your relationship, you can nurture a deep and lasting sense of unity with your partner.