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Can two work together except they agree? [part 2]

Can two work together except they agree? [part 2]

Simi obviously wasn’t happy with how her mother seemed to be “supporting” Femi and she ensured she grumbled about it till they got home.

“You better ensure the fire of your anger towards me can heat up water for me, I need to have a hot bath.” Her mother teased.

Simi obviously wasn’t in the mood. She had her bath and rested well. The weekend went by so fast and by Monday she was at work. She and Anita had their moments reminiscing on all that happened. Simi’s conclusion was that her mother was not on her side, and it was her final decision.

About ten minutes into their conversation, Femi walks in to tell Simi they both had a meeting to attend with the MD and that he wanted to see them immediately.

Simi left with him and when they got to the MD, he told them the work he had for them and requested that they go together because he did not want them to arrive separately. Femi suggested using his car and though she wasn’t okay with it, it was official work and as the MD asked, “Is that okay with you Simi?” she responded, “Yes sir.” “Great, you can both go home from there because you may not be done till the close of work,” MD said, and they left his office.

“I will meet you by your car in ten minutes,” Simi told Femi. She went back to her office and told Anita what happened. As she was about to call her driver to take her car home, she saw Anita giggling and didn’t understand what was going on.

When she was done speaking with her driver, she picked up her bag and asked her what was funny. “You are going to be in the same car with Femi?” Anita asked.

“Oh, come off it, it is official work,” Simi said.

She wasn’t ready for Anita’s shenanigans, so she picked up her bag and went to Femi’s car. He opened the door for her, and she went in. From the time he got to the driver’s seat to when he started the car and began to drive until they got to their destination, they did not say a word to each other.

They arrived at the meeting, coordinated themselves, and delivered excellently on the brief, so well that when they left, the person they went to meet had reached out to their MD to commend them for a great job.

“I will take a cab from here, you can go,” Simi told Femi. “Simi, we may not be the best of friends, but courtesy demands I drop you at home. We were both sent here by our boss, and it is, therefore, my responsibility to ensure you get home safe.” He said.

“There he goes again, Mr Prim and Proper,” she said to herself in her thoughts.

She wasn’t going to argue or create a scene. So, without saying anything, she got into his ride, and she directed him as he drove her home.

As he drove to her house, Simi’s mother coincidentally came out of the house. Immediately Femi parked, he came down from his car, walked straight to Simi’s mother and prostrated. “How are you, my son? So good to see you. Thanks for dropping her.” “The pleasure is mine Ma. Good-Bye Simi” Femi said. “Goodbye, Thanks” She responded.

As Simi walked to meet her mother by the door, she kept wondering when Femi became “my son” to her mother.

“Mummy, My son? How? I don‘t understand Mum.”

“Look Simi, you take things too far. Am I not old enough to be his mother?” She asked.

“Mum, you always have your way of coming out of everything I accuse you of when it comes to Femi…why?”

“The young man hasn’t exhibited any of the traits you accuse him of. Until he does, he is not guilty. By the way, you keep saying you don’t like him, but you just came out of his car, Simi Simi…Simiscoco, give your mum the gist.”

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“There is absolutely nothing mum, we both went on an official assignment. And just before you ask why I did not use my car, our boss wanted us to go together, and Femi suggested we use his car. That is all.”

Her mum looked like she didn’t care about the motive, what she cared about was what she saw, and she liked it.

Simi wasn’t going to give in to her mother’s wishes, so she went straight to the kitchen to get some food, had her bath and rested.

The next day, Anita couldn’t wait to hear the gist. Simi didn’t have her time. She left to meet Femi and they both went to meet their boss. Getting there, he commended them for a job well done and congratulated them because the deal had been sealed.

There were given bonuses and applauded at the management meeting.

Leaving the room together, while outside, Femi stretched his hand towards Simi. She looked at him for a few seconds and stretched out her hand too. Still holding her hand, he said, “Can we start at least by being friends? This ‘beef’ has gone on for too long, our mothers are having fun enjoying their friendship and we are here fighting ourselves.”

“Well, I don’t know about fighting, but I know we might have some misunderstandings,” Simi said, releasing her hand from his own.

“Anyway, from the look of things, our mothers are going to be friends for God knows how long. The earlier we choose to become friends the better because they obviously aren’t going to allow us to get in their way. Moreover, your mother likes me.” Femi bragged.

Simi looked at him and responded, “In your mind…get off your high horse, my mother is just a pleasant woman, don’t feel unnecessarily special.” Simi said rolling her eyes.

“Well, she calls me son” Femi bragged again.

Simi couldn’t hold back her laughter “So in your mind, you have scored a goal?”

“With your mum, I consider that a trophy my dear.”

Simi and Femi are both getting along and with less friction. Who knows…perhaps…someday, the bells their mothers are hoping for might just ring.

We shall be watching!

The End!