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Can two work together except they agree? (Part 1)

Can two work together except they agree? (Part 1)

Femi Ajayi (27) and Simi Johnson (25) work in a consultancy firm. They are exceptionally gifted with work execution and are both academically sound, except that they cannot stand each other. Any and everyone who works in that organisation knows this.

Femi loves to dot his I’s and cross his T’s. He is very meticulous. Simi on the other hand, is that girl who will go to party while on campus, come back late, read for an hour and still pass her exams. She did not understand why Femi felt he had to do ‘too much’ because he needs to show he is good at what he does, or puts it in their face, when she can also do same and all hell never comes down.

“He does too much, he needs to calm down. What is the big deal in what he does? Gosh! I can’t stand that guy” Simi told Anita her colleague after a meeting they all had with their executive director, where Femi was, according to Simi, “trying too hard to show off”.

“Simi, I do not see it that way, I honestly think he is just always trying to explain what he knows. I also think it is his temperament. You also have yours too you know, and the fact that I understand you doesn’t mean everyone does. Someone else may also think same of you too?” Anita cautioned.

“It’s okay, Madam Voltron, defender of the universe. I knew you would defend him” Simi responded rolling her eyes.
“I pray this rolling of eyes won’t put you in trouble. Remember it almost did the other day?” Anita warned and they both reminisced on how Simi was almost caught doing so on one of their meetings when the CFO of their company was telling them why salary was going to be delayed for the next 2 months.

Anytime Simi’s mother called to check up on her, she would always have gist for her about her ‘overbearing’ colleague, Femi. Femi sometimes told his mother about her too. He was very close to his mum, so he told her everything. She would advise him to ensure he didn’t hold any bitterness against anyone and ensure to focus on his work.

It was the celebration of their company’s 10th year anniversary; they were all asked to invite their families and loved ones.

The day came and everyone looked radiant. Simi came with her mother, Femi did same. Interestingly, both Femi and Simi’s mothers are widows.

Simi ensured not to have any contact with Femi, in fact, she stylishly showed her mother the Femi she had always told her about. “I am sure that is his mother, beautiful woman, I wonder where he got his character from” she stated, hoping her mother would support her rambling. “Simi, stop it. Honestly, you should” She cautioned.

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“That is why I don’t like giving you gist sometimes, you defend him like Anita does. Just adopt her as you daughter.”
“Yay!! Mummy mummy, hot mummy” Anita yelled as she saw Simi’s mother, and as she was about to go on her knees to great her, she carried her up, hugged her and told her “Your friend was just talking about you” to which Anita said, “I can bet she was reporting me to you on my view about her attitude towards her office husband.”

Simi’s mother and Anita had a laugh and gave themselves a high five.

“I will just pretend I didn’t hear both of you because we are obviously not on the same page” Simi said.
Their conversation was interrupted when Simi’s mother saw an old friend so Anita and Simi both walked away to get a drink.

The party was in top gear and everyone was having a nice time. By the time Simi and Anita began to walk towards her mother, Simi was shocked to see her mother having a good laugh with Femi’s mother. She was confused.

“Anita, can you see what I am seeing? Did they know each other from somewhere?” Just as she was trying to understand what was going on, Femi, who was also trying to find his mother, was shocked to see her with Simi’s mum. Even though he had never met her before, he knew she had to be her mum. Firstly, because he saw Simi staring at both mothers in shock, and secondly because of the striking resemblance between Simi and her mother.

He walked up to them, bent down to greet Simi’s mother and later held his mother’s hand. “God bless you, my son. Nice to meet you and your mum.” Simi’s mother said. “Same here. I will certainly be in touch.” Femi’s mother replied.

Even though Anita and Simi were a bit far, Simi was fuming fire. “Why is my mother like this Anita? She can’t even keep small malice? I showed her Femi and his mother and the next thing, they are enjoying each other’s company and exchanging numbers.”

“You are seriously on your own, please allow mummy enjoy her life o, she cannot inherit your enemy Simi, let mummy breathe!!” Anita teased and even Simi couldn’t hold back the laughter. That slang always has a way of making any Nigerian laugh. If you know, you know.

On their way back home, Simi could not hide her feelings from her mother. “Mummy!! You could not even pretend, whose side are you on? Your daughter or Femi’s family?” She asked.

“Ah, Simi, that boy has so much respect, did you see how he almost went flat on the floor to greet me?”

“Mum, first, you have been scammed. Do not let that move captivate you, Femi is mean. Secondly, how did we get here mum? I asked you why you were chatting with him and his mother, meaning you were not on your daughter’s side, and the first response is that he has so much respect. How mum?”

“Who taught you that Simi? So, I must inherit your enemy? Please, I don’t have room in my heart for fight. Do you know that his mother and I went to the same secondary school? Do you know she is also a widow? See, just get used to the idea of seeing us together because she is a good woman.” Simi’s mother said and turned her head as if to say, “That is my final answer.”

“Mum!!” She said in shock and her mother responded “Let me borrow your lingo Simi, last last, you will be alright.”

To be continued next week!