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EMY Africa sets new path for excellence in award shows

BMY Africa sets new path for excellence in award shows

Africa is setting a new course in the world of award shows, thanks to the pioneering efforts of EMY Africa Magazine and its annual EMY Africa Award. As the continent prepares for the 8th annual EMY Africa Awards, the event has already become a beacon of celebration and inspiration for Africans, sparking a cultural shift that propels Africa to compete at a global level in terms of award shows.

For far too long, Africa lacked the initiative to recognize and celebrate the exceptional talents and achievements within its borders. Instead, the spotlight often fell on figures from the Western world. However, in the past seven years, EMY Africa Awards has been a game-changer, instilling pride and fostering a new era of self-recognition. With its focus on celebrating individuals of the same skin color and language, who have achieved greatness, the awards have become a platform that Africa can call its own.

Kojo Soboh, the Executive Director and convener of EMY Africa Magazine, in an exclusive interview, expressed his belief that hosting an award show requires excellence. “It demands recognizing greatness and inspiring others to be their best selves, and that’s the driving force behind EMY Africa Awards,” Soboh said. By honouring those who have excelled in their endeavours, the awards show aims to motivate and empower others to reach new heights of excellence.

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This year’s event promises to be grander than ever, with a lineup of pre-event activities designed to bring people together and create meaningful connections. For the first time, EMY Africa Awards will host a pre-awards soiree in Lagos, where industry leaders, creatives, and influencers will gather to set the tone for the upcoming celebration of greatness.

One of the key highlights of the EMY Africa Awards is the “Men of the Year” party, a tradition that began as a Father’s Day event. The party recognizes exceptional men who have made significant contributions to their communities and industries. The awards recognized two of Nigeria’s prominent actors, Chidi Mokeme and Tobi Bakare in the nominee list for EMY Africa’s Actor of the Year alongside Bill Asamoah, Anthony Woode and Adjetey Anang all from Ghana.

However, acknowledging the importance of inclusivity, EMY Africa Awards also presents complimentary awards for women, celebrating their outstanding achievements in various fields.

Another significant aspect of the event is the “Inspiring Greatness Forum,” where young people have a unique opportunity to meet with accomplished individuals who inspire them. This forum serves as a powerful networking platform, fostering mentorship and guidance that can ignite the flames of ambition in the next generation of African leaders.

By providing a stage for African excellence and fostering a culture of celebrating local talent, EMY Africa Awards aims to spur the growth of award shows across the continent. Soboh’s vision is for these award shows to set high standards of excellence, not just in Africa but on a global scale. He believes that showcasing Africa’s exceptional achievements and talents will gain international recognition and elevate the continent to compete with the best in the world.

As the anticipation builds for the 8th annual EMY Africa Awards in Ghana, the continent stands united in celebration and empowerment. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and the culture of award shows, EMY Africa Magazine has undoubtedly set a new path for Africa to showcase its greatness and compete at a global level. The awards serve as a testament to the fact that Africa’s potential knows no bounds, and it’s time for the world to take notice of the greatness within its borders.