• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Albantsho to scale Nollywood screenwriting at iDraft 2.0 workshop


Albantsho Limited, a creative technology start-up has returned for the 2nd edition of its annual screenwriting workshop iDraft 2.0 which is aimed at bridging the gap between producers and writers. The workshop serves to train and equip beginner to intermediate writers on best industry practises for bringing scripts to life, while also serving producers by delivering ready-to-shoot scripts.

In a recent announcement, Albantsho in collaboration with the Film Rats club, a community of enthusiasts and filmmakers released the 2nd edition on its website. Deadline for entries was extended from 10th April to 24TH April due to increased demand for the opportunity to participate in the programme.

Julie Ako, CEO/Co-founder Albantsho said, “It’s imperative that writers in Africa are better positioned to tell our stories in the best way, with the best tools. At Albantsho we want to create solutions that fit this narrative. Our ability to combine technology and serve creative investors while mining our African stories, is the reason why we continue to push for the industry’’.

The workshop is open to budding script writers as well as novice to make the art and business of scriptwriting profitable. This year, the Griot panel that kicks off the event will feature some of Nollywood’s finest Executives, and creative bigwigs as well as industry experts who will serve as facilitators including- Ololade Okedare, Chucko Esiri, Amanda Moresco, Ifeanyi Chidi Barbara, Emil Garba,Jamil and Nikita Mokgware to imbibe the best,

The eight week-long workshop will combine a hybrid format taking it away from its initial virtual style, to create a more interactive and hands-on experience during the masterclass and mentorship sessions. In-depth training targeted to teach writers all aspects of development from ideation, to pitch will be covered. At the end of the term, the writers are expected to have production-ready screenplays available for purchase for Albantsho’s partners.

Daphne Atsutse, the Programme co-ordinator iDraft by Albantsho, expressed the teams’ readiness to host the 2023 cohorts, she said, “ Kicking off from our previous year, we have improved and hope that participants this year can really enjoy the benefits of our stellar curriculum and the mentor/mentee access the facilitators will bring.’’

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Albantsho will be creating a more competitive advantage for applicants, as iDraft 2.0 selection process will be tiered in three stages over a period of two weeks and tasks for applicants, after which a short list of successful cohorts will be published for the workshop supported by Talentx, Africa, TrinoStudios, Multichoice Talent Factory, Writers Guild Foundation, and Screenwriters Guild of Nigeria.

Chukwu Marin , Co Founder of The Film Rats Club said , “Working with a tech driven and industry passionate brand like Albantsho affords communities like ours and filmmakers/enthusiasts the chance to save time and resources searching for good stories, as they ensure programs like, iDraft, create a bedrock of writers that production companies are in dire need of, and to set the standards for screenplays in Africa and beyond.”

Albantsho is a creative tech company with a goal to showcase the potential of African storytelling, foster authentic content representative of a burgeoning Africa, and empower the creatives right at the heart of it. Its product allows film producers and screenwriters to interact better on story acquisition using a bidding system and intuitive scriptwriting software which generally promotes better story structure.