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Akwaaba 2023: Ghana points way for Nigeria on boosting medical tourism

Akwaaba 2023: Ghana points way for Nigeria on boosting medical tourism

Kobby Appiah-Sayki, President of the African Medical Tourism Council (AMTC) and CEO of Britannia Medical Centre, has unveiled the reasons behind Ghana’s emergence as a leading destination for medical tourism.

As the global medical tourism market continues to expand, with a projected CAGR of 25.2 percent from 2023 to 2030, Ghana is poised to play a prominent role in this growth, thereby pointing the way for Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Appiah-Sayki shared some insights during the 19th Akwaaba African Travel Market press conference held at the Eko Hotel, shedding light on why Ghana stands out for healthcare seekers.

Among the key factors highlighted by Appiah-Sayki, the first is the availability of highly qualified local and internationally trained doctors. He emphasized that Ghana boasts a talented pool of medical professionals, comprising both locally trained experts and internationally accredited physicians.

Appiah-Sayki also explained that the value for money that Ghana offers in its medical services is huge. “Ghana’s medical services provide exceptional value for money, offering competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of care.”

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The AMTC president pointed out that the African Medical Tourism Council plays a pivotal role in acting as a Regulatory Body and Advocate for Patients.

“The African Medical Tourism Council ensures the highest standards of care and advocates for patients’ rights, fostering a transparent and ethical medical tourism environment,” he added.

He also spoke on the commitment to removing all barriers. “The delegation is committed to eliminating obstacles to medical tourism, addressing challenges related to distance, travel, accommodation, and navigating the healthcare system to make the journey seamless for medical tourists.”

Appiah-Sayki also underscored the vital role played by the African Medical Tourism Council (AMTC) in blending cutting-edge healthcare with Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

The council comprises major hospitals in Ghana, including The International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), The Bank Hospital, The University of Ghana Medical Centre LTD (UGMC), LuccaHealth, Britannia Medical Health Center, Jubail Specialist Hospital, and Bethel Dental Clinic. These institutions offer a wide range of specialized services, including plastic surgery, interventional cardiology, obstetrics & gynecology, urology, cardiac surgery, dental implants, fertility treatments, general surgery, and minimal access surgery.

In a significant announcement, Appiah-Sayki revealed that the AMTC has partnered with Adansi Health Tourism Ltd to enhance the influx of Africans into Ghana for medical procedures.

This partnership he said aims to streamline the process, offer comprehensive support to medical tourists, and solidify Ghana’s position as a premier medical tourism hub on the continent.

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The press conference served as a platform for sharing these vital insights and fostering collaboration among healthcare institutions, governments, and stakeholders in the medical tourism industry.

It reaffirmed the commitment of the Ghanaian delegation and the AMTC to promote healthcare excellence and accessibility throughout Africa.

“The AMTC announced that the first 100 people who travel to Ghana for medical tourism following their visit to the 19th Akwaaba African Travel Market will be eligible for 10 percent discounts on medical procedures,” he added.