• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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6 best Netflix movies to watch this March 2024


As March unfolds, Netflix offers a captivating array of films to enthrall audiences.

Gripping dramas to heartwarming comedies, the streaming giant continues to deliver top-notch entertainment.

Here are six of the best Netflix movies to add to your watchlist this month.

Spaceman – March 1

Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix original, “Spaceman,” takes on a more serious role as Jakub, an astronaut on a mission to the edge of the solar system. As Jakub grapples with homesickness and fears for his marriage, he encounters an alien spider named Hanuš (voiced by Paul Dano) who becomes an unexpected source of support. Directed by Johan Renck and based on the novel “Spaceman of Bohemia,” this sci-fi drama explores loneliness, abandonment, and the pursuit of connection in the vastness of space.

Damsel – March 8

Millie Bobby Brown, known for Stranger Things, is set to star in the upcoming Netflix fantasy drama, Damsel. The story revolves around Elodie, who, after agreeing to marry Prince Henry, discovers her fairy tale turns into a nightmare. The prince’s family forces her into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon as repayment for an ancient debt. Alone and facing peril, Elodie defies traditional fairy-tale roles, becoming her hero to survive. Damsel is a dark fantasy that follows Elodie’s journey as a sacrificial pawn, navigating treacherous challenges with wit, grit, and tenacity.

Irish Wish – March 15

Netflix’s latest romantic comedy, “Irish Wish,” starring Lindsey Lohan, signals the resurgence of classic rom-com. Lohan plays Maddie, an unlucky-in-love character attending her best friend Emma’s wedding in Ireland. Making a wish for true love, Maddie finds herself in an alternate reality, challenging her perceptions. As she quests for love, Maddie discovers that her heart’s desire may differ from her real soulmate. “Irish Wish” brings rom-com greatness, with Lohan navigating the complexities of love and unexpected twists just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Shirley – March 22

Regina King stars as Shirley Chisholm in Netflix’s biographical drama, “Shirley,” portraying the first Black congresswoman in America. Set in 1972, the film follows Chisholm’s historic journey, breaking boundaries to become an icon in both politics and women’s history. Directed and written by Oscar-winner John Ridley, known for his work on “12 Years a Slave,” the cast includes Lance Reddick, Terrance Howard, and Lucas Hedges. This Netflix Original explores Chisholm’s groundbreaking presidential run, highlighting her impact on American culture and history.

Beautiful Game – March 29

Soccer enthusiasts and film lovers will find joy in this uplifting sports drama. The story revolves around Mal (Bill Nighy), the manager of England’s homeless football team, as he leads his players, including the talented but troubled striker Vinny (Micheal Ward), to Rome for the annual Homeless World Cup. The film captures the high-stakes competition among global homeless teams striving to transform their lives. With a real chance at victory, Mal’s team faces the challenges of the tournament, making for a compelling narrative that blends soccer and cinema.

The wage of war – March 29

Netflix presents “The Wages of Fear,” a remake of the 1953 French thriller with the same title. Set in the desert, the story unfolds as an oil well fire endangers lives in a nearby refugee camp. A formidable team faces a race against time, with less than 24 hours to transport two trucks loaded with explosives across perilous terrain. Their mission: extinguish the fire and avert a catastrophic disaster.