• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Netflix reviews for weekender

Netflix adds over 9m subscribers on content growth


This was a very simple basic movie, I really can’t tell you what I was expecting from the movie, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. So there were 4 ladies who had being friends from high school, one was married with kids but struggling to stay happy all of a sudden, another was married to a very wealthy guy, and to stay yoing and sexy, she kept going under the knife to make her body look perfect, but life isn’t perfect after all, another was married to a simple man that loved her, but they were desperate to have kids, while the very last was seriously single and searching. To easy off the stress from their homes they all decided to go on this girls trip they have always dreamt off since high school. The deal was all leave down at the same time without telling anyone not even their spouses. Well you will need to go check out the movie to see how that trip turned out to be a roller coaster one, what was meant to be a simple few days trip turned out to be a night mare that would either break or mare their homes. The 97m Mexican, comedy, action movie was directed by Jorge Macaya, they featured actors like Martha Higareda,Paola Nunez, Alejandra Ambrosi, Valeria Vera, Claudia Pineda, Mauricio Isaac, Arturo Barba and many more.

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MEA CULPA (2024)

Let us dive into a brand-new movie by Tyler Perry, it got released this Friday and is already trending on the top 10. So just like every Tyler’s movie you need to start from the very beginning and pay full attention, if you miss any scene, you might get confused. Mea Harper “Kelly Roland” was married to her hubby Mr. Harper, but their marriage was going through a rocky path, they were attending marriage therapy classes to keep the home together, it was a struggle for them both. Her husband had lost his job, but didn’t tell his family members, Mae kept holding Fort and providing all they needed plus the hospital bills for his mom. Now Mr. Hapers brother was a very good lawyer, he had taken on a case to try a very brilliant artist Zyair, who was being framed for the murder of his girlfriend. To make extra income Mae decides to take on his case as his defendant and battle with her brother in-law who doesn’t like her for any reason, despite being warned by the entire family not to take on that case, Mae decides to and the revelation at the tail end was one, I absolutely didn’t see coming, make sure you wait for the very last scene and you will be totally blown away and taken off balance, I never saw that coming. The 2hr thriller , crime, drama movie was directed by Tyler Perry, they featured actors like Kelly Roland, Trevante Rhodes, Nick Sagar, Sean Sagar, RonReaco Lee and Shannon Thornton.


This is was a documentary movie, that exposed what cruelly occurred during Einsteins era and the real truth about the bomb. The documentary explained what happened after Einstein fled Nazi in Germany. They used archival footage and his main words in the documentary to explain what really happened in the mind of this great genius who went through torture and pain, the documentary took us through memory lane and history, telling us what he passed through in defending his discoveries and how he was hated and attacked. The 76m British, historical documentary, military films, drama, science & Nature, Biographical, docudrama and military documentary was directed by Anthony Phillipson, they featured acts like Aidan McArdle, Andrew Havill, Rachael Barry, Helena Westerman, Leo Ashizawa, Simon Markey and many more.