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15-year-old Medha Elluru hosts solo art exhibition at national museum Lagos

15-year-old Medha Elluru hosts solo art exhibition at national museum Lagos

A 15-year-old Medha Krishna Elluru has successfully hosted a one-day art exhibition in Lagos. The Solo Art Exhibition, titled, ‘Unity in Cultural Diversity’ held recently at the art gallery within the premises of National Museum, Onikan Road, Lagos, attracted a large crowd.

The 6-hour event was greeted with commendations from several collectors and other numerous art enthusiasts.

Speaking with boldness at the Art Exhibition, Medha thrilled the audience about her noble background and also shared the experience on how her work finally came out of the studio onto the walls of her first show.

“I Medha Krishna Elluru was born in India in the year 2007; I am a recent graduate of Year 11 from Children’s International School, Lekki in Nigeria. I have got a unique opportunity to spend my childhood in many countries like: India, Sudan, Tanzania, Egypt and Nigeria. The conglomeration of various types of education introduced me to the field of creativity at a very young age. Fortunately, my pencil skills have been refined over the course and pertaining to what I call, seeing beauty in ugliness and ugliness in beauty.

“Unconsciously, this made me a better person being optimistic and slowly swallowing anguish through expressing thoughts in the form of flawless lines. As a personal learning, never give up nevertheless the outcome of the craft on the contrary you will definitely find your true space and mindset to produce as what you expected to be. Keep practicing and enjoying the world of art which in turn enhances your confidence,” she said.

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Speaking on her successful outing during an interactive session with some journalists, the 15-year-old Medha added: “After experiencing the success of my solo art exhibition this year, I have identified a few areas of my craft that I would like to focus on to expand my patronage and fan base: one- Experimenting with new mediums; two. Developing a distinct artistic voice; three- Exploring thematic consistency: Building on the idea of a signature style focusing on diverse cultures, and four- Leveraging online platforms.”

In her reaction on whether there are any other interesting element of Nigerian and Indian cultures she might be looking forward to explore in her subsequent exhibition, Medha said: “There are abundance of fascinating aspects to explore within Nigerian and Indian cultures, and I look forward to immersing myself in the diverse and vibrant heritage of both countries in my upcoming exhibitions such as Artistic tradition, Traditional attires, Festivals and Celebrations, etc.”

When her opinion was sought on how critical the local representation is to the development of art in Nigeria, she said: ‘Local representation is essential to the development of art in Nigeria as it fosters cultural diversity, preserves heritage, nurtures artistic talent, and promotes the country’s art economy. It ensures that Nigerian art remains authentic, rooted in its cultural context, and able to thrive in the global art landscape.”

Surprised by Medha’s intelligence, clarity of thought and choice of words in her very well-thought out responses, the inquisitive media team further inquired about her advice for youngsters like her in pursuit of similar dream.

Her words, “My advice to youngsters pursuing a dream in the field of art is that pursuing a career in art can come with challenges and setbacks. It’s important to stay committed, persevere through difficult times, and remain resilient. Believe in your talent, get a mentor and keep pushing yourself, and be willing to take risks and try new approaches. Stay dedicated to your craft and trust that your hard work will yield results,” Medha noted.

Reacting to the success of the exhibition, Omotayo Adeboye, curator of the National Museum Nigeria, said that “Medha’s works are very impressive and amazing.”

She further said: “I was amazed and wowed when Mr. Peter (Medha’s mentor) showed me her works; I couldn’t believe these works were done by a 15-year-old. It is inspiring to know that a young child is able to produce these amazing concepts of arts. I am more than confident the younger generation as I believe that more concepts, ideas and expressions reside in them. Like Medha, I believe and hope other young artists will launch into the deep. National Museum welcomes Ms Medha Krishna Elluru’s spectacular story which I am sure will be a delight to the art lovers, critics and collectors.”

Responding to the creativity of Medha, her mentor and an art tutor, Nwabueze Peter Chinedu, said: “It is great to know that she is stepping out in a great way. A solo exhibition is a major and pivotal expedition that gives a clear direction to the professional growth and spread for an artist. Her interest in Art is exceptional and her training has really prepared her to express and show another side of herself to the world. I am very optimistic that she will scale up this drive in her and positively influence her circle of friends and peers across the world. She is a force to watch out for in the nearest future.”

In his final words to further encourage her, he said “Medha, I am not surprised; the contrary would have surprised me! Keep the dream alive and go places.”