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12 best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix in 2023


For many, Christmas time is equal to movie time. There’s nothing that beats curling up on the couch with a warm blanket, a cup of chilled juice, and small chops to watch a classic holiday film.

Netflix has a great selection of Christmas movies, both old and new. This year, I recommend checking out these twelve heartwarming and festive films.

Here are 12 best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix in 2023

Best. Christmas. Ever! — 2023

In “Best. Christmas. Ever!” Jackie Jennings sends annual Christmas newsletters boasting about her perfect life. When her former best friend Charlotte and husband Rob unexpectedly visit, Charlotte aims to unveil the truth, leading to holiday chaos and a surprising twist.

Christmas As Usual — 2023
“Christmas As Usual,” a new Netflix film, portrays chaos as the Indian couple clash over Norwegian Christmas traditions.

Christmas at Mistletoe Farm — 2023
In “Christmas at Mistletoe Farm,” a widowed father inherits a farm, navigating a challenging transition to village life. Meanwhile, his five children devise a plot to save the farm in this heartwarming Netflix holiday film.

Christmas with You — 2022
“Christmas with You” unfolds as pop star Angelina, facing pressure from her record label, struggles to compose a holiday song. To find inspiration, she fulfills a young fan’s Christmas wish, leading to a heartwarming encounter with the fan’s lively family, including her single dad, and discovering more than just creative inspiration.

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Falling for Christmas — 2022

In “Falling for Christmas,” spoiled heiress Sierra loses her memory in a skiing accident, putting her in the care of local hotel owner and single dad, Jake. A love triangle develops, forcing Sierra to determine her true desires amid her fiancé’s search and her father’s concerns.

A Naija Christmas — 2021

In “A Naija Christmas,” a mother desires to see her sons settle down and get married. To incentivize, she offers her house in Lagos’ fanciest neighborhood to the first son to say “I do.” The brothers engage in a spirited competition, but finding a willing partner becomes the ultimate challenge.

A California Christmas — 2021
In “A California Christmas,” Joseph, a wealthy playboy, aims to acquire Callie’s family land. Mistaken for a farmhand, he finds himself working alongside Callie, leading to shared moments and a potential love story. The sequel, “A California Christmas: City Lights,” sees Joseph returning to the city, possibly challenging their newfound love due to family obligations.

The Holiday Calendar — 2020
In “The Holiday Calendar,” an aspiring photographer in a dead-end job receives her grandmother’s antique Advent calendar, leading her to love and a more fulfilling career in this Netflix romantic Christmas movie.

Holidate — 2020

“Holidate” is a romantic comedy featuring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as two perennially single individuals always stuck at the family kids’ table. Frustrated by bad Christmases, they team up to be each other’s platonic plus-ones for holiday events, possibly discovering unexpected love in the process.

The Christmas Chronicles — 2018
“The Christmas Chronicles,” a 2018 Netflix Original Film, features Kurt Russell as Santa Claus and follows siblings on an all-night adventure to save Christmas, with a recent sequel adding to the festive fun.

The Princess Switch — 2018
“The Princess Switch” stars Vanessa Hudgens as doppelgangers who swap places Parent Trap-style for a sweet holiday movie combining mistaken identity, baking, royal romance, and more, an ideal choice for those who’ve exhausted classic Christmas movies.

A Christmas Prince — 2017

Netflix’s inaugural Christmas rom-com, “A Christmas Prince,” initiated a trend with sequels in the following years. Reminiscent of classicli Christmas romantic comedies, the movie features a budding journalist sneaking into a castle for an article on a dashing, playboy prince, leading to inevitable romance.