• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Toyosi Olatunji, Founder/CEO of Arcane Insights

Toyosi Olatunji, Founder/CEO of Arcane Insights

Toyosi delivers value to the business bottom line by way of meeting and exceeding growth targets through tailored, innovative commercial-focused strategic planning and implementation. This is her specialty.

With a 20 year career rooted in commercial strategy, strategic partnerships, business development and transformation, product and business development, she has helped to establish, grow and turnaround small businesses as Founder and CEO of Arcane Insights.

Arcane Insights is a growth-focused strategic advisory consultancy for micro, small and medium (MSME) businesses. As your business consulting services partner, they know that every organisation faces unique challenges, which is why their full range of solutions are tailored to meet your organisation’s unique needs.

Founded in 2017, they share their insights and guidance, based on the deep experience of their consultants which spans over 25 years combined, to help you frame the growth and possibilities that your organisation can achieve.

They partner with you to measure and create customer experiences to protect and improve your brand equity, enhance customer satisfaction and increase earnings.

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This is done through mystery shopping and other customer experience management solutions that equip you and your team to shape your future. And because the work is done from within, there is greater commitment, accountability, and execution.

Their mission is to create long-term value to micro, small and medium-sized companies and help them to achieve performance excellence and their strategic goals, by providing innovative, tailor-made solutions which gives them a competitive edge and agility.

Arcane Insights believes that strategy drives your decisions and it should do the same when designing your organiation therefore, their consultants are experienced in aligning strategy to your structure, work processes, performance metrics, and people practices to achieve business results. They develop long-term growth solutions, assisting you to prepare for the future, while maintaining a focus on creating shareholder value.

Their team-based approach successfully assists companies to co-create strategic goals, outline plans and processes; and implement the steps to reach short and long-term objectives, through a variety of market

Olatunji successfully managed the regional commercial strategy and business development function as regional head of partnerships at a multinational financial institution; delivered innovative and flexible products in response to changing demand and increasing competition leading to rise in consumer deposits by $18.75m in six months, as product lead at an indigenous financial institution.

She sits on the Advisory Board of Heckerbella, a fast-growing digital transformation firm. Olatunji holds an MBA and Executive Education credentials from Durham Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business respectively.