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Meet Bolatito Benson, start-up revolutionalising the way people interact

Meet Bolatito Benson, start-up revolutionalising the way people interact

In a world where tight schedules often hinder meaningful connections, Bolatito Benson, founder of Table Talk, has set out to revolutionise how people interact.

Through Table Talk – a card game, Bolatito aims to bring people closer together through deep, meaningful conversations.

According to her, she draws inspiration from her experiences growing up in a home that encourages open communication and self-expression.

Upon returning to Nigeria from the USA, Bolatito noticed that many relationships needed more substance due to the conditioning in certain Nigerian homes not to speak up in specific conversations.

This led to a lack of meaningful interactions in friendships and relationships.

To address this pressing need, she embarked on a mission to create a game that fosters warmth, intimacy, and vulnerability among players.

She used her savings from their nine-to-five job to launch the first batch of Table Talk, and the proceeds from sales were reinvested to create new editions and improve existing ones.

The 100 carefully curated questions cover platonic and romantic relationships, aiming to touch on life’s past, present, and future aspects.

These questions encourage players to share their feelings, desires, and dreams, leading to authentic connections and genuine interactions.

“Before Table Talk became a formal game, it started as a gathering activity for familiar faces and strangers. We asked questions around the table to gauge comfort levels and identify topics people were willing to discuss,” she says.

“Over three years, we accumulated a question bank of over 1000 questions in various categories. These questions served as the foundation for our first test run edition, through which we sought feedback and achieved a well-balanced selection.”

Bolatito says Table Talk transformed from merely a social activity into a purposeful endeavor, fueled by her belief in the power of genuine connections as part of God’s plan to bring people closer together.

Despite facing challenges in production costs, access to forex, and naira devaluation, Bolatito’s determination has helped Table Talk reach more Nigerians and international customers through a referral approach and partnerships with stores and online platforms.

She aims to make Table Talk affordable and accessible to a broad audience, exploring new price points for sustainability and managing operations efficiently.

Looking towards the future, Bolatito envisions Table Talk becoming a household name in West Africa and expanding its reach globally.

“Plans are in the pipeline for new editions focused on dating, education, language, and kids’ educational games, demonstrating the game’s commitment to promoting communication and meaningful interactions at every stage of life,” she says.

To fit Table Talk into people’s busy lives and help them strengthen their relationships, despite time constraints, Bolatito is working on an app for long-distance relationships and encourages people to prioritise meetings with their loved ones amidst the world’s busyness.

The success stories of Table Talk have brought healing to homes and deepened friendships. “A significant highlight in Table Talk’s journey was its feature on Big Brother Naija (BBN) last year, marking an exciting milestone for the brand,” she says.

“Besides direct orders, we are expanding our reach through partnerships with esteemed distribution channels such as The Game Plug, The Cloud Factory, The Living Room, and Studio Concierge. These partnerships are instrumental in making Table Talk even more accessible within Nigeria.”

To pursue further impact, Bolatito plans to collaborate with NGOs, government agencies, private organisations, influencers, and others to have a meaningful impact on as many people as possible.

The game’s accessibility has expanded throughout West Africa, with partnerships with esteemed distribution channels making it even more widely available in Nigeria.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Bolatito’s advice is clear: Start and differentiate your brand, test the product, embrace feedback, and be open to collaboration to reach more people and positively impact more lives.

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She encourages all aspiring business owners to take the leap despite the competition, conduct thorough market research, and adapt their offerings based on diverse feedback.

“Trust in your creativity and be confident to bring your unique voice to the market. With determination, passion, and openness to learning, your business will have the potential to thrive and positively impact people’s lives,” she says.

Amidst her challenges, Bolatito’s determination and innovative thinking lead to remarkable solutions. The partnerships with esteemed distribution channels open new avenues for Table Talk, making it accessible to even more Nigerian households and beyond.

As the game’s success stories unfold, homes and friendships are transformed, and couples find deeper intimacy. Table Talk sparks heartfelt conversations, strengthening their bond and reigniting romance.