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Kehinde John Olagbenjo: Media entrepreneur, dealmaker

Kehinde John Olagbenjo: Media entrepreneur, dealmaker

Kehinde John Olagbenjo is a media professional, TV host, and pioneer cum entrepreneur with interdisciplinary experience with a passion for communication.

He is the founder and chief executive officer of TligAfrica Media Group – a business comprising a TV/radio platform, blogging website, and video and photography event coverage platform.

He is a writer – author of four bestselling books and belongs to a class of entrepreneurs who are on a mission to do big and innovative things.

Kehinde is also a business coach and inspirational speaker who recently kick-started the BRR weekly show. “I have used my platforms to equip many aspiring entrepreneurs and MSMEs, helping them to start their businesses,” he says.

He says his inspiration for the BRR show came from his passion to provide individuals the information needed to make an insightful decision regarding their businesses and relationships.

According to him, each episode of the show would share real-life experiences of businesses and individuals’ relationship journeys.

“The BRR Show is a show for business, relationships, and sharing real-life issues. I have lost millions in business and sharing my real-life experience in business has helped and will continue to help many aspiring entrepreneurs,” he notes.

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“We bring people on the show to discuss real-life events that people can learn from,” he adds.

Since starting, the business has grown steadily as its customer base continues to increase owing to its timely and excellent services.

On challenges his business has faced since starting, the young entrepreneur says it is very tough succeeding in Nigeria, owing to the numerous challenges in the business environment.

According to him, poor power supply has remained a major challenge limiting his business, adding that lack of government support to the entrepreneurship ecosystem is also another challenge.

He urges the government to bridge the country’s huge infrastructural gaps, noting that it is crucial in Nigeria’s industrialisation quest.

On why start-ups fail after three years of establishing their businesses, he says the difficult operating environment is a major factor for the high failure rates among start-ups.

He also notes that poor financial management is another factor for the high failure rate. “Some start-ups have access to funding but poor business and finance management is the reason behind many failures.”

“I have lost over N13million in business; the lessons from that failure will guide me forever. There are mistakes I will never make again in my life. There are some decisions I will think about 10 times before making in my business.”

“That failure has made me a better person. Business success requires a lot of knowledge.”

On his advice to other entrepreneurs, he says “Invest in knowledge and education. What you don’t know is bigger than you. Even if you fail in business, never allow your failure to hold you down. You need to face your fear.”

“Experience is not the best teacher, learn from other people’s mistakes because there are some mistakes, if you make them yourself, you may never recover from them. Be fast to make money and think twice before you spend,” he advises.