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WellNewMe’s launches platform to manage employee wellbeing

WellNewMe’s launches platform to manage employee wellbeing

In order to manage employee wellbeing and boost productivity,

WellNewMe’s have launched its employee health benefits management platform.

The technology-driven platform provides employers with a full suite of innovative features such as a personalized and streamlined wellbeing service for employees, an intuitive dashboard for HR professionals, and a robust analytics portal for executives.

Figures show that chronic illness, stress, depression, and anxiety are increasingly affecting employee wellbeing. This is happening at a time when businesses are striving harder than ever for efficiency and productivity.

According to a WHO report released in 2019, the productivity cost of ill health in Nigeria is over $ 879 billion a year. Based on the report findings, on average a Nigerian employee costs his or her company approximately $4,000 (N1.7million) yearly in lost productivity due to ill health.

Yet, according to Global Wellness Institute, only 1 percent of African employees have access to any employee wellbeing programme, as compared to more than 50 percent in North America.

This initiative, which is the start of WellNewMe’s broader objective of catering to the full spectrum of employee and community wellbeing through its platform, physical, mental, and emotional, aims to address this.

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The goal behind this service is that it should be accessible to all employees, regardless of what cadre they are in their corporation.

The WellNewMe platform addresses four primary issues such as high costs, employee engagement, lack of transparency at the point of service, and administrative burdens associated with plan administration employers and employees face in the current healthcare environment.

Obi Igbokwe, WellNewMe co-founder said: “In midst of limited resources when it comes to the provision of adequate quality health services in Nigeria, it’s becoming evident that our way forward is increasing the availability and accessibility of digital preventive health services which have been proven around the world to reduce the implementation of more costly interventions and treatments down the line.”

“We have carried out several pilots over the last 3 years with several corporates, so we are acutely aware of the benefits our platform can provide and how much it is needed,” he said.

“There is now ample evidence available that shows that employers who demonstrate and implement measures to actively protect and improve the health of their most valuable asset – their employees are usually the ones that perform the best” he added.