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Social wellness is vital

social wellness

Stella’s needs were ignored by her parents from a young age, so she learnt to rely solely on herself and asked no one for help or support. These patterns became so entrenched in her that she was always alone, even in college. She became very ill in her apartment and missed classes. Due to the fact that she has no support system, no friends or a social circle, no one inquired about her absences from classes.

“Human beings are social animals.” That’s correct! We need to connect with others in order to achieve our goals. And when I say connect, I mean positively.

Social wellness refers to our positive interactions with ourselves and others. Its state is considered healthy when our interactions are free of conflict. Aside from that, it also covers how we adapt to any social situation, so its broad areas touch on other aspects of health.


Certain criteria for social wellness must be met. Though the number of friends, family members, and work or school colleagues all have an impact on social health, it is the quality of these relationships that is most important.

Questions to ask yourself to find out whether or not you are socially healthy

Do you have a balanced time?

Balancing our time is critical to maintaining our social health. We must make sure that we give ourselves and our social circles enough time to interact. One thing to keep in mind is that we do not have to go through all of our connections. Pay more attention to those who spread positive energy.

How often do you engage in social activities?

Social activities can be competitive, soul-stirring, entertaining, or all of the above. Nonetheless, they are effective means of communicating with others. We learn more about society and ourselves by participating in these activities.

How well do you communicate with your social circles?

One of the keys to a healthy social life is positive communication. It can help us achieve our objectives and strengthen our relationships. This factor’s takeaways include greeting, asking, complimenting, sharing, and encouraging. By enthusiastically implementing these elements, we positively influence all of our relationships, particularly those with ourselves.


It is easier said than done to improve our social health. The good news is that we have the rest of our lives to devote to it. So, let us look at what we can do to improve our social wellness.

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Establish a Healthy Support System

Not all problems are bad. They assist us in identifying problems and areas for improvement. They only become dangerous when we confine them to ourselves. This is why it is critical that we create a support system to combat the negativity that these issues bring. Friends, family members, and social counsellors can all be part of our support system.

Create Meaningful Relationships

In one of his articles, Steven Mintz, also known as the Ethics Sage, stated that meaningful relationships can help us achieve self-esteem and happiness. Not only that, but he stated also that it could also meet our needs for growth and development. To have meaningful relationships, we must respect and care for others as much as we do for ourselves.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care is not at all selfish or vain. It’s a method of gaining confidence that allows us to socialize more easily. It brings out the best in us in everything we do, no matter where we are or who we are with. Good self-care practices include maintaining good hygiene, making time to relax, eating nutritious foods, staying hydrated, and many other things.

Develop Good Communication Skills

Good communication is an important skill that we must all learn in order to improve our social health. It enables us to deliver and receive information more effectively while keeping emotions and intentions in mind. Listening and empathizing are two of the most important ways to improve communication.

Given our social nature, it is critical that we understand the fundamentals of social wellness. Most of us have encountered difficulties with it, and the best thing to do is simply learn how to respond appropriately. As a result, let us invest the time and effort necessary to develop ourselves and all worthwhile relationships.