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How Clina-Lancet network of local laboratories strengthens clinical pathology investigations in Nigeria  

Clina-Lancet is building a local network of clinical laboratories to enhance pathological investigations in the country. This will strengthen Nigeria’s weak healthcare.

This local network of laboratories promises competitive and affordable prices for live saving tests. Affordable prices for medical diagnosis will help deliver more of life saving tests to the millions of Nigerians who need these medical services.

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In Nigeria, domestic laboratories need to be supported so that they can grow and reduce medical tourism, which costs Nigeria billions of naira every year.

Currently, Nigeria’s laboratories are undermined by lack of standard diagnostic equipment, one of the leading causes of under or misdiagnosis in the country.

Clina-Lancet Laboratories is a member of the Cerba-Lancet Africa joint venture.  Cerba HealthCare SAS, the French owner of a global network of medical laboratories, is expanding in Africa by buying some of Lancet Laboratories’ operations in a deal that industry estimates show could be worth $59 million.

In Nigeria it is strengthening the adoption and deployment of advanced laboratory technology in diagnosis through its network of local laboratories.

Paris-based Cerba healthcare has decided to invest substantially in the development of a local network of clinical pathology laboratories in Africa’s most populous country through a grand opening of the new and modern diagnostic facility of Clina-Lancet laboratories recently in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

To illustrate Cerba healthcare’s commitment and readiness, the group of laboratories which cut across Nigeria is International Standards Organisations (ISO) certified with ISO 15189 standards in recognition that its processes and procedures are at par with global standards. This is also validated by its international accreditation by SANAS 15189: 2012.

“This particular branch plays a strategic role in the company’s commitment to provide its quota in the delivery of universal health coverage by rendering quality world-class diagnostic services in Nigeria,” said Olayemi Dawodu, managing director/ chief executive officer of Clina- Lancet laboratories.

According to Dawodu, Clina Lancet Laboratories is an ultramodern technologically advanced and independent pathology laboratory in Lagos that has now unveiled its world-class facility in Abuja. Our decision to open a new branch here is in line with our vision and commitment to providing international standard services and as an organisation; we are looking forward to serving the good people of Abuja.

She further said they are a long-standing group of laboratories and a leading medical diagnostics firm in Nigeria focusing on clinical pathology, providing over 4,000 test offerings covering haematology, chemical pathology, endocrinology, histology, molecular biology, cytogenetic, microbiology among others.

“Our goal is to provide medical laboratory, consultative and referral services with the most extensive range of tests available,” Dawodu explained.

To ensure the sustainability of such investments, the company commits to providing laboratory services of international standards with 100 percent accurate and reliable test results at all times. And it is strategically positioned to serve healthcare, corporate and environmental service delivery in the FCT and the public.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including stroke, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes are estimated to account for 71 percent of the 57 million global deaths. In Nigeria NCDs are estimated to account for 29 percent of all deaths (2.1M). Early diagnosis of diseases such as cancer improves outcomes by providing care at the earliest possible stage.

Also speaking at the launch, Jerome Thill, chief executive officer of Cerba HealthCare articulated that as Cerba Healthcare continues to build on its experience and partnership with experts to expand clinical pathology in Africa and deploy a quality service to the medical community, Nigerians and other resident in the country will be the better for it.

“Cerba Healthcare has decided to invest substantially in building a local network of clinical pathology laboratories on the African continent. We are also making plans to put in place grassroots quality healthcare not only in FCT but across the nation,” Stephan Carre, CEO of Cerba-Lancet Africa.

Clina Lancet Laboratories currently functions in various parts of the country with branches in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri, and Abuja.


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