Expert highlights benefits of exclusive breastfeeding

Apart from boosting the immunity of the baby, exclusive breastfeeding helps in bonding and wards off sickness, Emem Jacob, a health expert has said.

In addition, the expert said exclusive breastfeeding also serves for family planning, as some breastfeeding mothers may not experience monthly menstrual periods.

Jacob, a senior nursing superintendent who stated this in an interview, also emphasised proper positioning of the baby for breastfeeding to enable the baby to feed well.

Speaking as part of activities marking the World Breastfeeding Week, she advised mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months to boost their health and intelligence.

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She advised that to avoid friction between mother and the father, the baby should be placed in between the mother and the father so that both could have access to the breast at the same time.

On the first part of the milk which is always yellowish, she cautioned young mothers against expressing them, adding it should not be thrown away.

“As you are breastfeeding your child, the child will look at you and know you as his or her mother. The intimacy will be created. Secondly, it also helps the nursing mother by making her womb contract and return to its previous position,’’ she said.

However, the poor economy has made it difficult for some households to feed properly, thus affecting the ability of nursing mothers to have three square meals per day.

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