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Meet Eno Sam, whose start-up wants to produce world’s finest writers

Eno Sam, no doubt, is an intellectual powerhouse. Her rise to success as a professional writer stems from the belief that success can be achieved through hard work – as long as you know what you want and go for it.

Eno’s aspiration like most young people today was to work in a corporate organisation as a banker. But that did not materialize.

As fate would have it, she found herself in the media space. Today, she’s the founder and President of Brilliant Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy (BEWA).

The young writer started her writers’ academy in 2019 to train aspiring writers. She was nominated as an Outstanding Female Entrepreneur by the Entrepreneur Africa Awards in 2019.

Eno started writing during her childhood days. “I loved writing as a child but somehow, I stopped writing when I got into the University to study accounting,” she said.

“I had always wanted to become a banker. But after graduation and completion of the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), I couldn’t get that dream job in a bank even though I attended a couple of interviews,” she explained.

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Eno added that her inability to secure a banking job led her into a thorough journey of self-discovery and personal development.

According to her, during the process, she was able to discover her passion for drawing and writing which she has had since childhood.

To earn a living, she took up classes to further develop her drawing and writing skills and started making a living from it.

But after a while, she decided to switch to writing fully.

“At first, I doubted the possibilities of making a living from writing but soon, I made a singular decision that changed the trajectory of my life and career.

“I started writing again after a long time. That was how people started asking me to teach them how to write,” she noted.

She explained further that her decision to be in the writing industry was to change the narrative in the self-publishing era while driving excellence.

Eno noted that everyone has a book in them which should be excellently written.

This she said inspired the idea of ‘Brilliant Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy- BEWA, Africa’s leading writing and business community on a mission to produce the world’s finest writers and authors.

Describing her brand offering, she said “I engage in training on professional writing. I teach writers how to write professionally. The highlights of what I offer are book project consultancy, ghostwriting, and editing.”

“I guide authors through the process of birthing their books to skyrocket their impact, influence, and income as I ensure that their scripts are error-free. I help busy professionals ghostwrite their books professionally, amongst others,” she explained.

Speaking on how BEWA is contributing to addressing the country’s high rate of unemployment, Eno noted that his organisation is constantly schooling writers on how to develop their writing skills and make money from their writing careers.

“BEWA has provided lots of resources and tools that have produced millionaires in the writing industry.”

“Through my yearly signature social impact project, The Eno Sam Scholarship, aimed at building a rare breed of talented writers in Sub-Saharan Africa, young African writers have been awarded cash prizes and free book consultancy services.”

BEWA has hosted industry events like the world-class BEWA Africa Conference 2021 as well as youth empowerment programmes like the Let’s Talk Youth Campaign – where youths are equipped with the right tools for building a profitable writing career.

Sharing insight on her success secrets, she said, “My success has always been traceable to my enthusiasm for excellence and consistency in serving my audience.”

Today, she has built an online community of over 38,000 writers. She urged writers to start leveraging opportunities in the tech space to build their community.

“The internet is a goldmine for writers and authors who want to build their business,” she stated.

On her advice to other young entrepreneurs in Nigeria, she said

“Practise resilience whenever you fail. Failure should not be your final destination; it should only be a stepping stone to your success.”

“Never see failure as a threat, see it as an opportunity to try again and succeed. If I didn’t fail at getting my dream bank job at the time, I wouldn’t have started my writing career,” she advised.

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