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How Samuel makes his mark in electrical space


Olushola Samuel is one of Nigeria’s hardworking youths. The Lagos-based electrician is the chief executive officer of Olusam Engineering. He describes his business as the best option for providing quality electrical services. He started on August 1, 2018, and has recorded successes despite challenges and hurdles that clog his path. He was inspired to go in the electrical space because since his childhood, he has always been intrigued by creativity involved in using wires.

He has an O’level certificate which he acquired in 2014 and has undergone a 42-month training on electrical engineering as well as other informal trainings on electrical application. He pooled all the knowledge together to start his business.

Since his business is about services, he started by getting necessary tools one after the other. After rendering quality services for his first client, he was able to grow his business and clientele through referrals and freelancing.

Although the nature of his job does not require use of a lot of materials, he gets his materials from major markets in Lagos such as Ojo and Alaba as well as from online stores.

Speaking on his business, he says, “My job is a very risky one because I deal with electricity. Therefore, it requires carefulness. Most people just believe it is all about twisting wires, they do not understand that even while twisting or connecting wires you have to make sure you do not connect two wrong wires to avoid accidents,” he explains.

Despite how much he enjoys his job, the young entrepreneur still encounters challenges that are a clog in his wheel of progress. He says that his inability to access funding for expansion purposes has hindered viable prospects of his company, adding that getting helping hands, especially when he has large volume of work, is difficult as most people are not interested in dealing with electricity.

Although Samuel has been able to manage some of the various challenges on his own, he urges the government to make low interest loans accessible to business owners and also address the infrastructure deficit in Nigeria.

He affirms that his uncompromising habit and affordable quality services have endeared him to many of his clients who will not hesitate to refer his services to other people. He adds that his extensive knowledge and experience have also helped to grow his business to its present stage. “I ensure that all my customers are satisfied with my work and even follow up with them to ensure that whatever I have done for them does not develop additional faults. I also work hard on creating enough publicity for my business and this increases the inflow of my clientele,” Samuel adds.

Speaking on his expansion plans, Samuel says, “I intend to further my education, engage in self-development exercises and also work on making my business official.”

“I want to build my people network and get collaborations with companies for electrical contracts, which I will boost my business,” he adds.

Advising other entrepreneurs, Samuel says,” You have to be honest and trustworthy with whatever business you engage in. And above all prayer is the key to a successful business.”


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