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Adopting blockchain technology could solve Nigeria’s energy crises – experts

On the backdrop of the just concluded DevconV conference, a group of seasoned experts in energy and blockchain tech sector say Nigeria can solve its energy crises using the power of blockchain.

The session which took place in Osaka, Japan the expert to collectively explore a workable modality to tackle the country’s current energy crisis, firmly placed the issue of energy shortage into the cannon of geopolitical security, economic development and foreign policy amidst the fast-paced innovation in the tech world.

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For Benjamin Onuoha, EseogheneMentie, Guillaume Ballet and Maurice Von Glasenapp who were part of the panellist wherein the consensus that Nigeria’s energy issues solution can be found if the country explores solutions using the power of the blockchain.

According to EseogheneMentie energy shortage impacts every aspect of people’s lives in Nigeria every day and educated the captivated audience on what “Up NEPA” means in Nigeria as well as the enormity of the problem citing personal experiences, sources from the World Bank, United Nations and other publicly available sources.

Guillaume Ballet lent credence to the fact that although there have been large scale advocacy and international development efforts to help solve this problem, the energy sector has not changed much and thus outlined the ETHLagos conference set to hold from February 9th to 15th, 2020, to dissect all issues raised on energy shortage at DevconV.

Benjamin Onuoha went on to give further real-world scenarios on the ground in Nigeria adding that the suggested solutions could be further developed to create new markets, businesses, employment and help unlock Nigeria’s economic potential in a sustainable way.

“We will assist with our local, continental and global partnerships to create new business models which can emerge into sustainable businesses to create much-needed jobs and infrastructure that can foster economic development”, he said.

In closing, Maurice Von Glasenapp made an outreach to the Ethereum community as well as sponsors, energy engineers, entrepreneurs and hackers to join in this effort to help resolve the Nigerian energy crisis and add value to the sector using the power of the blockchain.

In line with the United Nation’s bid to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and clean energy under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ETH Lagos, announced this initiative which is a hackathon in the advocacy for renewed ideas. The hackathon announcement identified the three key areas to consider in salvaging Nigeria from a perilous economic future, which includes Blockchain, Energy and Social Impact.

While ETHLagos looks forward to welcoming coders, energy engineers, entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and the entire tech community to work on this challenge, it reiterated its vision to keep supporting winning projects through incubation, acceleration, and mentorship after the hackathon to help them evolve sustainable solutions.


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