• Friday, September 29, 2023
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Bitget commences global peer-to-peer trading operations


Bitget, a top global derivatives exchange, and leading trading platform have commenced its global peer-to-peer (P2P) trading operations.

Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, noted that with merchant operations in countries like Nigeria and South Africa, Africans can now enjoy seamless digital asset exchange with the assurance of high-level security and protection of funds and assets.

‘’Bitget P2P trading is a platform where Bitget users can trade local currencies for cryptocurrencies directly on their terms,” he said in a statement.

“Don’t want to use your debit and credit card to buy crypto? No issues, Bitget introduces a P2P service for the same!” he noted.
‘’Peer-to-peer trading is a type of cryptocurrency exchange method that allows traders to trade directly with one another without the need for another third party to facilitate the transactions,’’ Chen added.
Speaking on how it works, he explained that peer-to-peer trading involves buying and selling cryptocurrencies directly between users, without going through a third-party intermediary.

He stated that Bitget P2P trading gives users more control over who they trade with, the price, the payment method, and the time of settlement.

‘’If you’re a pro-trader, sign up as a Bitget P2P merchant and create your advertisements…Bitget P2P merchants can create a deal with their preferred price to trade their crypto at and publish it on their P2P marketplace.”

“This broadcasted deal is called an advertisement when a user sees this and places a buy order the payment is made, and the transaction is settled!’’

However, Chen highlighted some of the advantages of using Bitget P2P trading including the ability to sell and buy cryptos with your local currencies and at your preferred prices and payment method, zero trading fees, and the freedom to easily choose the preferred payment method, including bank transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, multiple global e-wallets, and online payment systems.

Others are; secure transactions and access to 24/7 customer support with a perfect order dispute handling process and anti-money laundering mechanism.