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En(code) club partners with Algorand to run Club

Algorand, the scalable, secure and decentralized open-source permissionless pure proof of stake blockchain for borderless economy has partnered with Encode Club, a community of university blockchain developers to organize a hackathon called CLUB

This is another great hackathon from encode after the last successful hackathon with ThunderCore, which took place from November 2019 to March 2020.

Algorand was a gold sponsor in the last hackathon by encode and was the platform used by most due to it being a highly scalable permissionless open source blockchain which can be easily used

What Is En[Code] Club

Encode is a blockchain developer community for university students with the purpose of organizing events, hackathon, workshops, webinars and other related initiatives in order to foster blockchain adoption. 

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Just like its purpose of creation, Encode club has been organizing different events and hackathons to advance massive adoption of blockchain among students especially. 

Encode has yet proven again to be unrelenting with the just announced partnership with algorand in running a hackathon called CLUB.

Club is a 10 weeks duration hackathon organized by algorand and encode with the aim of selecting 3-10 groups with a maximum of 6 talented students or anyone with an amazing project idea in order to help in building and eventually funding them. 

The algorand blockchain been a scalable permissionless pure proof of stake blockchain has always accelerated blockchain adoption and been in support of events that foster blockchain adoption

This can be seen in the algorand partnership with BlockchainEdu and being a gold sponsor for the last encode hackathon. Algorand has taken another bold step in showing this with the partnership with encode to run CLUB in order to create a platform and funding for blockchain developers especially students who have a project to build.

According to Encode, this will provide the participants with a great blockchain platform to build on and also make it possible for the participants to have a common blockchain to build on instead of having different blockchains. This will therefore foster similarities and enable sharing of ideas.


Although the event is made and prioritized for students, it is open to everyone out there who has a project idea they wish to build and since it is online, it doesn’t require much attention therefore making it a part time training and mentorship. Also a maximum of 6 people are required in each group. Another requirement is to not have received funding prior to starting the club.

The process involved in club

  • A question and answer session will be hosted on Thursday, August 13 by 5:30pm London time . This will give anyone interested an opportunity to clear up anything they don’t understand about the hackathon.
  • Application ends on Sunday, August 16.
  • Selection of 3-10 best groups to participate in the club.
  • Club Activities begin on Monday, August 24 and ends on November 1st, 2020.
  • Project will meet on weekly basis for mentorship and sharing of opinion.
  • There will be a weekly one-on-one feedback session.
  • There will be a weekly project progress session.
  • Demo day event – this is a dedicated day to showcase each group’s finished project after the ten weeks of training and mentorship. The best group will then be pushed further for funding.


  • A 4000 pounds grant.
  • support will be given throughout along with full guidance.
  • Mentorship from leading investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Support from world’s best, the Algorand team.
  • Free product marketing to the already available algorand community and the world at large.
  • Help with further raising of funds.
  • Access to a private discord community of other teams.
  • Building on the best blockchain, Algorand.

To apply for the event simply go here and fill the form before August 17th, I wish all the applicants good luck.

About Algorand

Algorand blockchain, the brainchild of Turing-Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali is a secure decentralized permissionless pure proof of stake open-source blockchain with the main purpose of developing concepts and reasonable ideas into usable products. It is backed by the algorand foundation; a group of people having past work experience in different parastatals with the vision of achieving a borderless economy through a permissionless blockchain.

Kindly check out the following links to learn more about the Algorand ecosystem; 




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