• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Why coaching remains crucial in nation building – ICF


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has emphasised the need for coaching in nation development and human growth, saying that it brings a new perspective that is subject to the learner’s decision.

Stephanie Kadiri, marketing and communication director, ICF speaking during the federation’s annual event hosted recently in Lagos, said coaching is an important tool needed for national development as it impacts positively on behavioural change.

“As a nation, we need transformation on several levels and it only happens when people change. There is a need to have a deep level of behavioural change for transformation to come in and coaching guarantees that,” Kadiri said.

Maryam Mohammed, a coach who doubled as a panellist at the event said in nation development, coaching helps to implement ideas by reflecting and asking questions on how to accomplish a particular goal.

“Coaching helps us to understand where we are and what our reality is. Once you are able to do that, it allows you to set a goal within that reality.

“If we are talking of nation building, we are aware that one of the Nigerian problems is corruption and lack of education, so in that term, we need to realise that the goal for that is to increase budgetary allocations to education and coaching is that thing that actually help us to plans about it and know where to get resources, which might be from self-reflection or asking questions,” she said.

Akanimo Ekong, president, ICF said the event aims to bring more awareness about coaching to the general public.

“Sometimes people confuse coaching with counselling and mentoring. Coaching sustains behavioural change. Training provides knowledge and insight but coaching provides in-depth knowledge. It can impact nations, leaders and organisations. It’s very strong too with many benefits,” Ekong said.

Also, the event featured a book lunch on coaching titled ‘’The world of coaching: An African experience”, which the president described as a comprehensive coaching book written in combination of about 18 authors.

“It took about two years to come up with the book and what makes it unique is that it’s not only voluminous but has about 28 authors. You are not hearing about coaching from one person’s perspective but 18 different people from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco. We have the African flavour and have to take into consideration certain things in Africa.”

He added that the coaches brought data, statistics and insight to make the book worth it, which will serve as a wonderful resource for coaches and anyone that comes across the book.