• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Wema Bank unveils 9 nominees for ‘She Empowers Her” Award

Wema Bank unveils 9 nominees for  ‘She Empowers Her” Award

Wema Bank has announced the top 9 nominees for its “She Empowers Her” Award by SARA, which is set to launch at the Wema Bank International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024 event on Friday, March 8, 2024.

SARA is Wema Bank’s owned women-focused proposition designed to provide support for women from all walks of life to maximise their business and personal potential. Beyond expanding the range of solutions accessible through SARA and curating an elaborate IWD 2024 event, the bank went a step further to celebrate women’s achievements by launching the She Empowers Her Award by SARA. Following a rigorous selection process, Wema Bank has now announced the top 9 nominees for this award.

The nomination process began with a population of 85 female nominees who were narrowed down to the top 20 women and then shortlisted to reveal the top 9 women Inspiring Inclusion, through a rigorous selection process approved by an independent auditor.

To select the winner of this award, public votings have opened, charging both Wema and non-Wema Bank customers to vote their top five women who deserve to be recipients of the She Empowers Her Award by SARA.

Highlighting the selection criteria for these nominees, Mabel Adeteye, Wema Bank’s head of brands and marketing communications, reiterated that the IWD 2024 Theme, “Inspiring Inclusion” was the guiding force.

“This year’s IWD Theme succinctly encapsulates the objective of SARA—to actively inspire inclusion, so what better time to launch the She Empowers Her Award? These great women have stood out for their leadership prowess, active women empowerment, socio-economic and societal impact, and significant achievements.

“Their unique role as beacons of hope empowering other women, bridging the gender inequality gap and ultimately Inspiring Inclusion, is one that is worthy of recognition and we are honoured to have birthed the She Empowers Her Award for that specific purpose. To our nominees, we are extremely proud of you”, she said.

“Votings are officially open and I encourage you to not only vote your top five women but also register to attend our IWD 2024 Event where the winner will be announced. As usual, we have not compromised on transparency and accountability so rest assured that the selection process for these nominees has been thoroughly vetted and audited; as will the next phases in this process.” Adeteye added.

Wema Bank continues to pioneer solutions that positively transform lives and support businesses across the country. With the impressive lineup of activities in the bank’s itinerary, Wema Bank IWD 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience.

To vote, simply visit https://bit.ly/VoteForSheEmpowersHerAward and select a nominee who deserves a seat among the top five women Inspiring Inclusion.