• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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We believe this is the most sustainable way to shop for Nigerians


MODAN, a state-of-the-art luxury concept store recently opened its first pop-up store in the heart of Ikoyi, Lagos. Business Day had an interview with Dominika Herzig, store buyer, partner, brand liaison and artistic director for MODAN

What niche is the store hoping to fill with its presence? Is it to get more Nigerians shopping locally instead of flying abroad?
First of all, we believe this is the most sustainable way to shop for Nigerians due to the fact that not every Nigerian travels extensively to Major Western cities. On the mid-term, we are as well targeting middle class which are potentially the largest customer base by introducing a smaller yearly shopping basket potential.

Again, it is certainly the most profitable way of shopping for the Nigerian community itself: it brings local tax revenues, rentals, employment, to name a few.

Finally, Luxury means service offered in a measureable manner after sales and delivery and we are happy to have this performed in the vicinity of the customer. We take great pride in knowing that Nigerians no longer have to go elsewhere to find what they want to buy. They can do it all in MODAN.

How would you do this exactly?

We offer genuine products, current season trends in line with the normal Western fashion seasons and at the same price as in Europe. Through well trained people, we offer the same service standards as any of the well renowned European or American stores.

Visiting a store is a unique shopping experience. We try to make this experience available in MODAN.

The aim of MODAN is to target a significant portion of the assortment being designed and produced in Africa. This is achievable as some small companies or designers are producing for top tier fashion brands.
What are expansion plans beyond Lagos and how you are overcoming the difficulty of getting quality retail outlets?

The expansion plans are leading us in 2 directions:

The first project aims at deploying our luxury MODAN experience in Lagos by growing steadily; moving to larger stand alone spaces, targeting a department store like dimension. For this, we will definitely be looking at stand alone retail spaces. We are already having discussions on this topic.

The second project, targeting 20-40 years street wear and urban culture will have to wait until proper mall infrastructure is available in major Nigerian cities

How do you handle retail logistics?

We have our own supply chain and purchasing office in Brussels (Be) and Ebene ( MAUR )
What will make you succeed where names like Woolworths failed?

We are not playing on the same segment as Woolworth, which is more on “more mass market” fashion business.

We are targeting well renowned upper range brands with a high focus on service and customer experience.

We are also patient with our customers.

Can we get some numbers….How much do you intend to invest in Nigeria in the next couple of years as you expand?

We don’t put magic figures on the table as flexibility is our keyword.

Being opportunistic and pragmatic, our goal is to be one of the leaders of the Luxury Markets in Nigeria. This will of course imply some investments.