• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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W&A Consular supports Nigeria in global water initiatives

W&A Consular supports Nigeria in global water initiatives

W&A Consular, a global firm, has announced its commitment to supporting Nigerian water initiatives on the international stage.

The company aims to amplify efforts addressing the water crisis in Nigeria and Azerbaijan and collaborate with stakeholders in Africa to ensure sustainable water access for all Nigerians.

This announcement comes amidst growing global concern about water scarcity and its impact on communities worldwide.

W&A Consular recognises the critical role of clean water in fostering public health, economic development, and overall well-being.

William Fison, founder and CEO of W&A Consular, encourages others to join the cause, stating, “There exist numerous avenues for aid, and even the smallest contribution can make a significant difference. We are proud to support Azerbaijan in its mission and look forward to contributing to water projects globally in 2024.”

Through its commitment to environmental responsibility and social impact, W&A Consular will contribute to Baku Water Week through partnership with local organizations in Azerbaijan to implement water conservation and sanitation initiatives, according to a statement seen by BusinessDay.

As part of its commitment, the firm also announces its support the Baku Water Week, a significant international event scheduled for March 12–14, 2024, at the Baku Expo Center.

The event aims to address the pressing issues of water scarcity, water resource management, and water security, with discussions on innovative technologies, tools, and capital that can aid the growth of the sector.

Ilham Aliyev, president of Azerbaijan‘s commitment to urgent actions in the water sector is reflected in recent projects aimed at improving water resource and facilities management efficiency.

“W&A Consular’s support aligns with these initiatives and emphasises the importance of collective efforts to address global water challenges,” the statement said.

W&A Consular also said it will work with schools in Abuja, Nigeria, to raise awareness about global water challenges and inspire students to become advocates for sustainable water use.

This could involve educational workshops, guest speaker sessions, or participation in school-based water conservation initiatives.

W&A Consular announced plans to collaborate with Clean Water Africa, a non-profit organization working to provide clean water access to communities across Africa. This partnership could involve joint fundraising efforts, volunteering opportunities, or knowledge-sharing initiatives.

The consular services company that supported previous COP summits fully supports Baku Water Week.