• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Vesti unveils AI-powered app for Nigerian migrants


Vesti, a migration fintech company, has unveiled two product offerings designed to aid migration experiences of Nigerians, called Miai by Vesti and Safelock by Vesti.

Olusola Amusan, co-founder/CEO of Vesti, said the fintech firm announced its evolution to become an AI-first company in Q4 2023, targeting the $36 billion global financial services market.

“We’re thrilled to unveil Miai and Safelock, features meticulously crafted to empower immigrants and make their journeys smoother, smarter, and more secure,” Amusan said during the recent unveiling in Lagos.

According to him, the launch signifies a step towards fulfilling the mission of becoming the go-to financial services platform for the next half a billion immigrants worldwide. According to him, the features represent a paradigm shift, simplifying and securing the migration experience for millions around the globe.

Amusan said further that Miai, the AI migration assistant operates as a chatbot on the company’s website, within the app, and serves as a copilot on the web app. He disclosed further that the founders have raised $1.2m to date.

“Imagine having an expert by your side, readily available to answer your questions and guide you with personalised insights. Miai utilises machine learning to understand your unique needs, delivering tailored answers to your specific queries,” Amusan said.

He disclosed that natural language processing empowers Miai to engage in natural, conversational interactions. “Ask follow-up questions, delve deeper into topics, and feel like you’re talking to a human expert, not a rigid script.”

Lanre Ogundare, head of card business at Providus Bank, said Safelock offers a secure platform specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by immigrants.