• Monday, March 04, 2024
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TGI ranks among LinkedIn’s top 25 workplaces

TGI ranks among LinkedIn’s top 25 workplaces

Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group, a global conglomerate, has been ranked among the 25 Best Workplaces where people can grow their careers in the 2023 LinkedIn Top Companies list.
The LinkedIn Top Companies list ranks the top 25 companies investing in their employees and helping them build careers that will set them up for long-term success.

Rafiat Gawat, group head of corporate communication, expressed her enthusiasm for the recent achievement of Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group, stating that the recognition by LinkedIn marks a significant milestone in the organisation’s growth trajectory.

“We are very excited about this. It’s a huge achievement for Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group. Those who have been with the Group long enough can attest to how much we have grown as an organisation. We have come such a long way, especially in recent years, and the future is bright. And it is indeed satisfying that our efforts are being recognized and validated by organisations such as LinkedIn. As they say, the reward for hard work is more work, so this is another reason for us to do even more to improve the employee experience for TGI associates”, she concluded.

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In explaining the assessment pillars, LinkedIn stated that the ability to advance tracks employee promotions within a company and when they move to a new company based on standardized job titles. Skills growth looks at how employees across the company gain skills while employed at the company, using standardized LinkedIn skills.

Company stability tracks attrition over the past year and the percentage of employees that stay at the company for at least three years. External opportunity looks at recruiter outreach across employees at the company, signalling demand for workers from these companies. Company affinity measures how supportive a company’s culture is and looks at connection volume on LinkedIn among employees, controlled for company size.

Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group is a global conglomerate with the majority of its investments in emerging markets.