• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Tajiri Project unveils initiative to promote African economy

Tajiri Project unveils initiative to promote African economy

A technology-powered impact project, Tajiri, is set to drive a productive African economy by empowering youths through small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Chief Executive Officer, Tajiri Global Investment Opportunities, Abiola Kabiru, said the Tajiri Project is addressing the problem of disintegration which has made it difficult for businesses to thrive.

It is building an ecosystem that will facilitate the possibility of doing business in Africa, thereby unlocking the continent’s economy through a decentralised ecosystem.

“This makes it easier to do business across borders, make payment and remittance and exchange of values, creating a decentralised open economic ecosystem,” he said.

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Tajiri Concept, Kabiru pointed out, is also addressing the challenge of currency value presentation, massive financial exclusion, among others. According to Kabiru, one of the ways to empower youths and curb cyber-crime is to teach them how to maximise opportunities in the global space. “If we don’t empower these young ones with knowledge and opportunities, then they’ll keep going the wrong direction. Tajiri is set to tackle this.

“To solve the economic problems of Africa, Tajiri intends to empower youths and women with SMEs in Africa and this will boost Africa’s economy,” Kabiru said.