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Sustaining Nigeria’s quick service restaurant growth hinges on innovation – Brifo

Sustaining Nigeria’s quick service restaurant growth hinges on innovation – Brifo

Kojo Brifo, managing director, Freddy Hirsch, Nigeria, and West Africa has said that quick service restaurants (QSR) in Nigeria must be innovative in order to sustain the industry growth.

QSRs, which are also called fast-food restaurants, offer a wide range of fast-food options, from local to international cuisines.

Brifo, in an interview with BusinessDay, disclosed that as key Nigerian cities swell with a growing middle class, and Gen Z and millennials – unique demographic groups with different palates, tastes, and inclinations to eat out – new opportunities open up for QSR owners to provide differentiated offerings for these booming customer markets.

According to the Association of Fast-Food Confectioners of Nigeria (AFFCON), the organised fast-food industry in Nigeria is worth N250 billion ($602.5 million) and has been growing at a 10 percent annual rate over the past few years.

Despite the robust growth rate, QSRs confront challenges such as stiff competition, supply chain vulnerabilities and operational challenges. Innovation and technology can drive the sustained growth of QSRs in Nigeria.

In light of this, the CEO said “Freddy Hirsch Nigeria and Symrise AG two of the biggest players in the food and beverage market in Nigeria are committed to providing QSRs with a variety of advantages that can help them attract and retain customers, such as innovation (research and new flavour development); customization (custom-made flavors that can be tailored to specifications and preferences); health and well-being (high quality, good-for-you products that are both delicious and nutritious); and simplicity (easy-to-use solutions).”

Furthermore, Brifo said “We deliver effective solutions and improve taste perception that helps QSR operators to differentiate their offerings, create new innovative food options with consistent flavors, and enhance profitability.

Our collaboration also helps to ensure deep market penetration in West Africa and harnesses our joint flavor technology platforms to deliver authentic African flavors and enhancers.”

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He also said that most of the uniquely African tastes that are found in sauces, marinades, breadings, rice seasonings, pasta seasonings, noodle seasonings, soups and bouillon seasonings are carefully created and preserved by Freddy Hirsch Nigeria and Symrise.

“Naturally, tastes are the most important factor for customers when deciding whether to visit a particular restaurant. As a food vendor, creating delectable dishes involves a grasp of taste and what consumers will enjoy and buy,” Brifo said.

“To improve their menus, QSRs need innovation around their products and bespoke solutions that are targeted to their consumers’ specific palates and experiences,” he added. Nigerian clients are developing new tastes and inclinations to dine out as a result of culture and cuisine, and this creates an opportunity for quick-service restaurants.”