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Sun King launches solar inverter in Nigeria, offers financing option


In a bid to replace expensive fossil fuel-powered generators and end Nigeria’s dependency on the unreliable national grid, an international solar energy company that designs, distributes, installs and finances solar energy solutions, Sun King, has launched its new solar inverter in Nigeria.

The solar inverter, which provides homes and businesses with seamless, clean, and affordable energy around the clock, seeks to replace expensive, fossil-fuel-powered generators and end Nigerians’ dependency on the unreliable grid.

Solar panels produce electricity by converting sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity, the battery stores the electricity and converts DC to alternating current (AC) to power everything from homes’ domestic lights, refrigerators, and televisions to businesses’ computers, food processing equipment, and light machinery.

Speaking at the launch of its latest solar innovation, the Sun King’s EasyBuy general manager for west and central africa, Omoyemi Tuga, said the new inverter represents an order-of-magnitude leap forward in solar generating capacity for a Sun King product.

According to him, the product is designed as a healthy alternative to deliver reliable, professionally installed and serviced grid-equivalent solar power to customers who use polluting, expensive generators or depend on the unreliable grid.

He said, “In Nigeria, 100 million people do not have reliable access to energy. Many Nigerians rely on the country’s 25 million small fuel-powered generators for power. Annually, Nigerians spend $14bn on expensive and inefficient generators.

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“The solar inverter generates up to 2,000 watts of electricity, equivalent to the grid. The hybrid inverter can be connected to two sources of electricity; solar panels and, when available, the electrical grid.

“The inverter can power appliances directly or charge a zero-maintenance Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, which reduces households’ energy costs and provides an uninterrupted power supply. The battery is designed to last 10 years. The product’s three-year warranty provides customers with peace of mind.”

He further said the solar inverters were available nationwide through Sun King’s 68 Nigerian retail branches across 27 states in the country and with the company’s network of distribution partners.

L-R: Tuga Omoyemi (General Manager, Pay-As-You-Go Business, West and Central Africa at Sun King), Eno Umoh (General Manager, Partnership Sales, West and Central Africa at Sun King), Dr. Segun Adaju (CEO, Consistent Energy and Pioneer President of Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria), Dr. Abba Aliyu (Head, Project Management Unit, Rural Electrification Agency), Engr. Olalere Odusote (Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Lagos State), Jennifer Ifeanyi-Okoro (Vice President Public Policy at Sun King) and Allan Ombungu (Global Product Manager at Sun King) at the Sun King Solar Inverter Series Launch on Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Sun King is one of the country’s leading solar energy companies between February 2020 and February 2023. Sun King gained half a million new Nigerian customers between January 2020 and January 2023. Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency and Sun King, formerly known as Greenlight Planet, worked together through the Nigeria Electrification Project to provide over a million Nigerians with affordable solar energy.