• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Solewant redefines business model for enhanced products delivery

Solewant redefines business model for enhanced products delivery

Having excelled in the provision of steel pipe, metals and specialty coating solutions in the last 22 years of opening for business, Solewant Group says it has redefined its business model for enhanced product delivery.

That means the company is now better positioned for the provision of steel pipes, fabrication, construction, protecting metals and concrete surfaces through its range of product solutions.

This, it says, will be done by blocking environmental attacks where aggressive chemical solutions and gases are present, or where mechanical forces and high temperatures are a danger.

The company is also entering the next phase of its extensive development through a series of investments and expansion, according to its statement in Lagos at the weekend.

“Through our philosophy, we stay true – even more fruitfully after 22 years – to our overriding aims to enhance employment opportunities in the manufacturing of steel pipes and coating application solution,” the statement revealed.

It explained that the company was out to encourage local knowledge transfer and technological skills, to increase participation in servicing oil, gas and water industries, to save time of project delivery as well as minimize cost of projects.

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“This strategy involves the acquisition and ownership of world-class facilities such as the Multilayer Pipe Coating Plant, Concrete Weight Pipe Coating plant, Solewant state-of-the-art laboratory, and Fabrication Plant.

Renowned for its diverse portfolio, comprising steel pipe milling, coating application solution, the company says it separates its business arms to cater for each, and also integrates its group of companies.

‘’We provide high-performance, multi-functional, organic barrier coatings and linings which are suitable for medium to extreme service conditions that include epoxies, poly-urethanes, poly-ureas, poly-propylene, pipeline wrapping tapes and sealants,’’ the company said.

The company says too that it is committed to quality, explaining that, as a matter of course, the competitive advantages and differentiators that are achieved through such commitments to customer satisfaction and safety are included in their visibility and transparency throughout operations.

They are also included in the continuous improvements being driven throughout the organisation, enhanced risk management, heightened employee satisfaction, and a stronger monitoring of processes in line with industry demands; all of which have combined to attract some of the region and industry’s biggest names over the years.

Among the company’s major clients are Shell Nigeria, NGC, ExxonMobil Nigeria, Total, NAOC, EHGC, Westfield, Morpol Engineering, Ascot, DTO, Port Harcourt Refinery, and Indorama Petrochemical Industry.

‘’We assist project owners and clients to save time of project execution and within budget. There is no project too large or small and no place too remote for Solewant in Africa to handle, when it comes to project delivery,’’ the statement assured.