• Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Schneider Electric, Ikeja Electric partner to improve electricity distribution

Schneider Electric, Ikeja Electric partner to improve electricity distribution

Schneider Electric, in an effort to scale up electricity access and pave the way for a sustainable power sector in Nigeria, has partnered with Ikeja Electric (IE) to improve electricity distribution in its network.

The collaboration would address common problems faced by electricity distribution companies in the country, namely the lack of traceability when faults occur on the network, leading to extended periods of outages.

According to a statement from Schneider, these connected solutions would enable the remote monitoring and control of the grid, thus improving the quality and reliability of the network, as well as reducing operational costs for the DisCo.

“We are delighted to partner with Schneider Electric on this project as it becomes imperative that we adopt a more strategic approach in managing our network,” Folake Soetan, Chief Executive Officer, Ikeja Disco said.

She noted that the introduction of smart Distribution Transformers will not only assist in drastically reducing downtime, but will also further drive efficiency and also help the firm maintain its network proactively.

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Mojola Ola, the director, marketing, business development & access to energy – Anglophone West Africa, Schneider Electric believe the collaboration with Ikeja Electric reflects a true commitment from both parties to drive the digital transformation of the grid.

“Instead of having reactive maintenance after a technical interruption, we offer a more proactive approach on the equipment as they can be set to trigger alerts for any issue on the network requiring attention before downtime occurs. Even when faults do occur, because the network is smarter and connected to the cloud, they would have a quicker resolution time,” Ola said.

In fulfillment of its global commitment and interest in the Nigerian space, Schneider says “For us, it is not just a business transaction, we appreciate the opportunity to create impact within Nigeria and that’s one reason why this project is a top priority for us. It is not really possible to totally unleash the economic potential of the country if there isn’t regular and continuous power supply. We believe that ultimately all of us are going to be beneficiaries of this project once it is fully deployed”.