• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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Saving yourself from financial hurdles


Seeing oneself come out of financial hurdles is the dream of many people if not everyone. There is nothing as good as financial freedom and security so much as getting oneself to a point where financial constraint is no longer a thing to be mentioned in one’s life.

Unfortunately some people can hardly point out the reasons for their financial struggles. Some detrimental financial habit have however stuck many in the mud of financial hurdles where they struggle for a way out to  make ends meet.

Lack of saving culture is the beginning of woes of people who find themselves entangled in financial hurdles. When one have no savings, it will be difficult to make any financial headway. It may surprise you to know that in this age many people have no account in any of the banks and worse still they have no piggy bank nor do they save money under their beds. Reasons for lack of savings varies from person to person, some give excuse such as not earning enough or having too little to spare after expenses. It is however important to bear in mind that the same way you account for the little you earn is the same way you will account for the bigger earnings. So it is important to stick to save in whatever situation because even when you begin to earn big you will still be faced with the same excuse.

Apart from not having a saving culture, worse still is living from pay check to pay check. Being anxious in between the month, expecting your pay because you have squandered the one for the previous month and you need money to meet your needs will distabilize you financially and you will not be able to make any progressive plans for the days ahead. If you are the type that collect part of your pay check upfront, you have to refrain from such as it will keep you perpetually in the pay check-to pay check snare.

Living above or within your means will still put and keep one in financial struggles. Live below your means. To be rich and financially comfortable, behave like you don’t have a penny even when you have abundance. Don’t go about on spending spree if you don’t need something, always put your spending habit in check.

Living to impress is a self deceit that will hold you bound in lack and financial struggles .Trying to fit into  a social status in the society and pretending to be more than your actually are to put up appearance will drain your finances. The reverse should be the case you should be worth  than what people think you are worth. People don’t really care about those flashy things you think you want to acquire so don’t bother yourself if you don’t need them.

Misplacing your priority financially is another trap that will ensnare you financially. If you don’t know what you need most in the order of priority, if you don’t know whether it is important and urgent to pay your child’s school fees or to buy that “asoebi” for the wedding that is coming up in a week’s time, then you are in for it.

When you find yourself making some of these mistakes, it will be doubtful if you will put up any financial plans and successfully execute them.

Coming out of financial hurdles is a deliberate action which entails that you determine to get out of it, equip yourself with financial education and follow your goals religiously.

By: Hope Ikwe