• Friday, December 08, 2023
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Real estate firm pays dividends to shareholders

Real estate firm pays dividends to shareholders

Landbrick Properties and Investment Limited, a property investment company has announced it will be paying dividends to its shareholders.

The dividend payout is a significant sign of confidence in Landbrick’s financial health. The company has been profitable since its inception and has been reinvesting its earnings into growing its business. However, with the company now in a more mature stage, the board of directors has decided to begin paying dividends to shareholders.

“In fulfilment of our promise, we paid all investors and Stakeholders their scheduled dividend to intimate the second phase of the scheme,” Femi Austine, the managing director of Landbrick Properties said in a statement seen by BusinessDay.

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“We have fulfilled every promise made to our stakeholders by approving and issuing all payments to each investor who has remained committed as our business associates. The best way to protect yourself from inflation is to put your money in property and that is the reason we pledged our unalloyed commitment of the Landbrick workforce to the actualisation of the agenda behind the Pro-trade (Buy-to-sell scheme),” Austine said.

The real estate firm pledged to transform the industry through massive reach to sensitize people against the usual mentality of having so much capital before one can participate in real estate investment.

“You don’t have to break the bank before you can participate in our buy-to-sell Scheme. We believe this is the easiest way to make real estate accessible to even the average income earners”

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Speaking at the summit, Esther Larry Abel, Landbrick Properties business Manager, noted that people can invest as low as N600.000 to key into a property for a certain duration.

The manager said the company now has a new estate called Country Home, an African Project with its first in Lagos, she urged people to make use of the opportunity to put their money to work for them.

“Landbrick Properties’ mission is to design, develop and make functional real estate acquisition accessible and obtainable for an average and higher class of Nigerians/Africans and so, the first-class real estate company is trying all her possible best not to derail from the vision of customer’s satisfaction and ensure a reasonable percentage of Nigerians have access to real estate investment.”

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“Since the inception of PRO-TRADE, a “Buy to Sell scheme” was put in place to make average people and the affluent trade real estate and have more value on their monies. This package is for people who buy properties from Landbrick Properties and Investment and within an agreed period of 12-24 months, Landbrick would sell back the property and pay the investor both capital, the ROI and entitled bonus.”