• Saturday, May 25, 2024
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ProvidusBank to issue first Eco-friendly debit card

ProvidusBank to issue first Eco-friendly debit card

ProvidusBank has launched Nigeria’s first eco-friendly debit card known as ProvidusEco at a ceremony that also coincided with marking this year’s Earth Day.

In a speech delivered by Walter Akpani, managing director and CEO of ProvidusBank, “ProvidusEco is a contactless card created with biodegradable materials and will in the first instance be released under the Platinum MasterCard brand.”

According to Akpani, “The impact of human activities on the environment and the resultant effects on changing climate conditions, is perhaps the most important issue facing humanity today and as stakeholders, whether as corporate entities or just as humans who consume the resources that nature has gifted us with, it is our responsibility to act responsibly in a bid to save the earth for future generations.”

The Bank’s CEO stated that as an institution, ProvidusBank continues to prioritize offerings that enhance customer experience and the safety of business delivery on all fronts, which is why the Bank is introducing Nigeria’s first eco-friendly card to boost the appeal of its card offerings, especially as it affects the environment in which it operates.

It is important to note that more than 90 percent of plastic cards are made of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) which is one of the main sources of Dioxin emission, and this has a bad influence on the human body and the natural environment.

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Akpani also intimated guests at the event about other efforts ProvidusBank has made to mitigate risk on the environment.

In his words, “It is important for me to point out that one of the steps that we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint is to reduce the amount of paper we deploy to deliver our cards to our customers. Hitherto, we would print our Welcome Package in glossy well-designed booklets with a welcome letter. I am happy to let you know that this has been drastically reduced to just call-card-size QR code experience that delivers all the information you would require on your smartphone.

“We have also embarked on providing funding support to our customers that are into renewable energy and recycling of plastics.”

In addition to these initiatives “a major feature of the ProvidusEco is that for every card you acquire, a tree is planted on your behalf in different parts of the country through a partnership with the T.R.E.E. Initiative.”

While speaking at the event, Sola Kolawole, founder/executive director of T.R.E.E. Initiative opined that “The decision to be part of unique Ecosystem Restoration Plan, which seeks to plant a tree for every ProvidusEco Debit Card issued to customers is not just innovative but an unprecedented climate action by any bank in Nigeria.”

He further stated that “This bold step by ProvidusBank addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 12, 13, 15 and 17.