• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Porchester excites market with orthopaedic mattress


Consumers in search of contemporary orthopaedic mattresses, which compliments their lifestyles, are bound to be spoilt for choice as Porchester unveils its new lines of sleepwell medical mattress suitable for all individuals, especially those with back pains and other health challenges.

Designed in four variance, the new rage of mattresses will be offered to customers after they have been diagnosed to ascertain the best choice for them.

It is believed that while a soft mattress causes the spine curves to sag downwards as a result of the pressure of the hips causing back pains, a hard mattress pushes the spine curves upwards and as a result of the pressure from the shoulder and knee parts leads to pain on the neck, shoulder and the waist.

Hence, the need for the right mattress which does not damage the spine curvature and this the firm say, has informed its decision to help customers choose the perfect mattress with the aid of its computerised body pressure measurement system.

In a statement released to BusinessDay, the firm explained that while pressure mapping its customers on a mattress only takes few seconds, it also shows them a colourful image of the pressure distribution and their peak pressure points.

The four mattress on offer include the Memory foam, which boasts of the rare ability to conform ones body shape and weight ensuring the spine is not under any stress while its user is asleep.

The Memory foam and Pocket spring are a blend of the Memory foam. According to its promoter, this is the two of the best form of bedding materials, as it help users with back pain, offering them the spring effect of pocket springs and the hugging effect of memory foam while they sleep.

The Latex foam, which is made from rubber, also hugs the body, conforms to body shape and weight and substitutes pain with comfort for its users. Also available for consumers is the Soft foam with pocket springs.