• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Ojaayo Eserve limited commits to revolutionising e-commerce business in Nigeria

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Ojaayo Eserve Limited the online arm of Maxicoin group says it is committed to revolutionising the ecommerce business in Nigeria and Africa in general.

The company says its high level operation seeks to solve the trust issues between buyers and sellers in Nigeria’s e-commerce industry with the best possible niche platform.

Ikechukwu Madu, chief executive officer, Ojaayo Eserve Limited observes that with the world adjusting to the threat of Covid-19, the need to avoid hotspots such as open markets has become necessary.

Madu noted the company set out to create an e-commerce system that would solve the issues of trust between merchants and buyers, adding that the platform offers merchants the opportunity to sell at very little cost while buyers can get affordable, durable goods.

He opines that even though a lot of people still believe in the traditional methods of shopping, however, this is gradually changing as even the petty trader on the street is engaging in some methods of e-commerce.

According to him, “Comfort and convenience have become paramount for a lot of people. Most shoppers want to buy and have it delivered to their doorstep. Yes, e-commerce is definitely evolving and definitely here to stay”.

He noted that the company made the platform flexible for all users and have recorded huge success since its lunch in 2017.

Commenting on how to grow the e-commerce industry in Nigeria, Madu noted that cheaper access to data will encourage e-commerce services, stressing that policies that support e-commerce should also be encouraged as it is a way for people to do business and become productive members of the society.

He further called on the ministry of information and national orientation to intensify work on improving Nigeria’s image to the eyes of the world as it the desire of merchants to be able to sell all over the globe.

“Nigeria needs to seriously work on her image as a country. That is the future we see and that is what we want to achieve and we would not want the poor image created about Nigeria to stop that from happening,” Madu said.

“To become a vendor, all you need to do is visit ojaayo. com, register and start uploading your products. Buyers visit the site and select a particular product or products and buy”.

The products sold on ojaayo.com are generally affordable. Besides that, our vendors often offer discounts on their products, more often than you would get on other e-commerce platforms. We often notify our customers on new discounts and flash sales so they don’t miss any bargain opportunity,” Madu said.