• Monday, February 26, 2024
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Multimix Business Solution introduces new offerings stresses value-based consulting


In a bid to build on its success in logistics and supply chain education in Nigeria, Multimix Business Solution has added new offerings to its value-based consulting to help organisations tackle challenges in four critical areas of operations.

The company, which has SSA Business Solutions, India and DGS Supply Chains, UK as consulting partners, is focusing more on consulting for organisations across sectors of the economy.

The critical areas, for which the company has new intervention offerings, include process improvement, resource optimisation, productivity improvement and logistics and supply chain optimisation.

Obiora Madu, chief executive officer, Multimix Business Solution, at a press conference last week, said: “After ten years of pioneering logistics and supply chain education in Nigeria, we have touched every industry segment within the private and public sectors. We have diagnosed and provided competency-based capacity building for managers from the beginning of the supply chain to the end. In response to industry needs, we created certifications that have bridged major gaps in trade compliance and warehousing. Within the period, we have recruited competent managers for organisations as well as handle some supply chain HR outsourcing.”

He said the company has garnered a lot of expertise through training organisations, stressing the need for more focus on value-based consulting. “We have found that training alone cannot solve the problems organisations have. We are currently consulting for some organisations in the four critical areas where almost every company has a challenge.”

He added that one of the company’s unique selling points is that it offers value-based consulting, driven by strategy and outcomes, not a fixed, predetermined set of steps or phases. It operates within the unique strategic, operational and political setting of each client organisation.

“Our value-based consulting focuses on strategic value drivers; outcomes, rather than tasks, improving both the performance and capabilities of the client and the client organisation; dynamic, flexible consulting and change processes; client involvement, commitment and ownership and organisational empowerment to create new results,” said Madu.