• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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MeCure Industries unveils device to boost drug safety

MeCure Industries unveils device to boost drug safety

MeCure Industries, a Nigerian pharmaceutical company has announced the implementation of its Track & Trace solution, a program with cutting-edge technology ensuring product safety for its customers.

In a statement on Wednesday, the company said Track & Trace Solution entails the monitoring and documentation of the complete journey of a pharmaceutical product, commencing from its manufacturing facility to the ultimate recipient.

“Through the comprehensive implementation of a Track & Trace Solution, every stage of a drug’s trajectory becomes traceable and verifiable. MeCure Track & Trace enabled brands are impossible to counterfeit,” the statement said.

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It said 18 brands within the MeCure portfolio are currently Track & Trace enabled, and all of its 50-plus brands will be traceable by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

“The Track & Trace solution emerges as a pivotal solution, playing a critical role in preventing the infiltration of counterfeit drugs into the healthcare supply chain.”

The company stated that counterfeit drugs pose a profound risk to public health in the form of incorrect ingredients, improper dosages, or deleterious substances.

“The ramifications of consuming such falsified medicines span from therapeutic inefficacy to life-threatening complications.”

It added that its Track & Trace Solution transparency facilitates the prompt identification of potential issues or discrepancies, thereby enabling timely corrective actions.

“Any suspicious deviation in the supply chain or an unauthorised alteration of product information can be flagged by the Track & Trace program for the stakeholders to intervene expeditiously, curtailing the dissemination of counterfeit drugs and safeguarding unsuspecting consumers,” it stated.

MeCure Industries said this amplifies the efficiency of supply chain management and, more importantly, establishes a formidable deterrent against the falsification of medicines. It is poised to serve as a beacon for public health, guaranteeing that patients receive authentic, life-saving treatments.

“Track & Trace Solution also enhances collaboration among diverse stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain, including manufacturers, distributors, and regulatory bodies,” the firm said.