• Friday, June 21, 2024
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Logitech unveils products to help organisations work smarter

Logitech unveils products to help organisations work smarter

Logitech, a tech company focused on innovation and quality has designed products and experiences that are helping people achieve efficiency in the new normal of working from home or remote working.

The company strives to empower people to do their work the best way they can, from wherever they are, having seen that it comes with its own challenges.

The various challenges confronting virtually every sector of the economy has now made ‘Remote Working’ or ‘Working From Home’ the new norm, rather than the exception to the rule. Covid 19 brought us to the realization that work can indeed go on efficiently from the comfort of homes or other locations.

Some organisations have however tried to overcome this challenge by providing devices to ensure as smooth a working experience as possible as employees work remotely.

Theresa Relihan, head of Marketing at Logitech Sub-Saharan Africa, says, “We understand that for many Nigerian companies, deploying remote work solutions at scale is new and can take time to perfect. Each of our products is designed with the customers in mind. We always focus on how people connect and interact in the digital world and ensure an efficient, unique and meaningful experience.”

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One of such products that can drive efficiency regardless of the location is the Brio 4k stream edition webcam.

As video calls increasingly become the norm, the laptop camera has its drawbacks during video meetings. Some of the issues that do arise during meetings include poor lighting, bad angles and poor resolution or clarity. If the camera is not positioned correctly or the user is in a dark room with a bright window behind them, or there is a strong light on one side, it can be difficult for other people to see that person clearly.

The new Brio 4k Stream webcam has features that deal with the challenges of poor lighting, bad angles and poor resolution.

Inbuilt with ultra HD 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range), AI background neutraliser, hyper-fast frame rate in HD, slow-mo recordings or replays and integrated split solution; the new webcam comes with three-year limited hardware warranty.

Designed with a number of features that enhance the image, the Logitech Business-grade webcam also has integrations and certifications for video conferencing software which help to ensure problem-free meetings.

The webcam also is enabled to change the field of view and position the camera in a more favourable angle allowing users crop out distracting backgrounds, perfectly frame themselves, or capture the entire scene if needed.

Logitech strives to empower people to do their work the best way they can, from wherever they are.

“Long hours of remote work means that the products used to support your work-day should be productivity-efficient and deliver quality output,” concluded Relihan.