• Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Lilong advocates energy medicine with biotech research

Lilong advocates energy medicine with biotech research

A health care firm, Lilong International Nigeria Limited, has advocated the use of the far-infrared energy spectrum for preventive and curative health care.

The country manager in Nigeria for Lilong International, Hao Wangjun, at the firm’s first car award and anniversary celebration in Lagos said energy medicine was capable of preventing and curing many ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and infections, among others.

He said, “We are a biotechnology company that is strong in research, in development and basically biotech research. Over the years, we have tailored our research within the scope of what we call energy medicine.

“Energy medicine has been with us but what Lilong has brought to Nigeria is this concern called the far-infrared energy spectrum project which captures the far-infrared spectrum of the sun within the white spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun and they put it inside what is called the energy room.

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“Essentially, that far-infrared contains amazing health benefits for mankind. After so much research has gone into this, they discovered that this is not only safe, it has amazing health benefits. Our concept revolves around three major issues; the first one is micro circulation which is when far infrared hits the body, it will will penetrate. Then, it has a resonance effect; we have a natural infra energy inside us, and that is why when we rub our palms together, it generates heat. When the outside hits the one within there is a resonance and that causes molecules to be excited inside the body which allows for the dredging of toxins out of the body.

“The thermal effect is also the raising of the body’s core temperature and when that happens, there is a process where nitric oxide is released inside the body while the person is in the energy room. The nitric oxide opens the blood channel, and once this happens, all the things that have clogged the blood vessel will be dredged out; the cholesterol, all the metabolic waste that are blocking the blood channels.”

A leader in the firm, Pharm. Adebayo Temenu, said the anniversary was celebrated to appreciate Lilong customers and partners in Nigeria over the last one year.

“Our experience centre in Lagos is open and available free of charge. People can come to enjoy far infrared energy spectrum without paying a dime,” Temenu said.