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Lifecard explains how informed career decisions can make women limitless

Lifecard explains how informed career decisions can make women limitless

Lifecard International Investment Limited, a multi-dimensional career and wealth creation guidance and counselling company, has explained how informed career decisions can push women up to a level where they become limitless.

The company, which is also into various aspects of the real estate business, says that for a woman to be limitless means to be “beyond boundaries and unstoppable”, noting that though there are a lot of women that are already doing great, there are still some that need to be encouraged.

Grace Ofure, Lifecard’s CEO, who offered these explanations at a Limitless Woman Conference she hosted at the weekend in Lagos, explained further that being limitless was a process which could be to learn, desire or imbibe to enable someone to become an icon of grace that people could look up to.

Ofure said that the need to impact women so they can actually be limitless and conquer all aspects of life and career barriers informed her decision to come up with the Limitless Woman Conference 2023 still in its maiden edition.

“We have put together women that have classes and are doing well diligently. We have learnt from our parents and the younger generation needs to still learn from us. In Limitless Woman, you meet people that have diligently moved from the lowest level to become people to reckon with,” she said

Mercy Johnson-Okojie, a Nigerian Nollywood actress, who spoke during the panel section at the conference, urged women to focus on the positive things in life and also make good use of their social media to learn more, get connections and break boundaries.

“Your social media can inspire or break you; women should put time into what makes them money. They should set boundaries if they want to succeed; focus and pick something from their role model or anyone they follow. There are so many things you can do,” she said.

Meanwhile, other speakers who spoke to newsmen on the sideline of the conference condemned the frequent building collapse incidents in Nigerian cities, blaming the whole thing on corruption and highlighting ways of solving the problem.

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“Building collapse most times happens when corruption takes place. The only way to avoid the resultant effect of building collapse is to strengthen the construction institution. Construction is not the job of just anybody but professionals and not just any professional. Within the construction space, there are builders and there are architects. Everybody should do the specific jobs they are trained to do,” Tope Odighe, CEO, of Reb360, said.

According to Odighe, a quantity surveyor should not be a land surveyor and a land surveyor should not be drawing architectural buildings and the architect should not build. “We must know our goals and the system. The compliance level in the country must compel people to follow the system.

“I am into real estate development and not a trained builder and when I want to build I contact the best professionals and I don’t cut corners even though it’s expensive and that is why I can boldly say I will not experience building collapse on my site,” she assured

She added that, if the above measures are applied to, the developer, the surveyor, the builder and down to the government, Nigeria will have fewer cases of building collapse.

Similarly, Morinke Molehin, the CEO of Oakandteak, stated that despite the fact that it’s too early to blame anyone, cases of building collapse still boil down to the government at the end of the day.

Citing the most recent building collapse, she said, “I still push it down to the government because to have that number of buildings that they had means they have gone through approval processes. Even though the company, developers and everyone are supposed to have done their due diligence, I feel that, by the end of the day, the fact that it was approved and gotten to that stage means a lot.”