• Friday, May 24, 2024
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Investment in tools, staff training key to effective customer service – Expert

Investment in tools, staff training key to effective customer service – WIMBIZ

Omowunmi Akingbohungbe, a customer service expert and trainer, has said businesses should invest in tools and training to empower their staff in handling customer issues effectively.

Speaking at the launch of her book titled ‘Oops! The Client is Upset, she said active listening, adequate employee training, and a show of empathy are some key ways businesses can effectively handle angry customers.

“Businesses must prioritise active listening, employee training, and empathy in their approach to managing angry customers. By doing so, they can mitigate potential conflicts and preserve customer satisfaction and loyalty,” Akingbohungbe said.

She emphasised the importance of remaining professional and avoiding personal offense when addressing upset customers, instead focusing on resolving the issue at hand.

“It is crucial to have the appropriate expertise and understanding to effectively manage a disgruntled client and convert them into advocates,” said Akingbohungbe.

She stated that some of the potential consequences of failing to address customer concerns include the loss of customer loyalty and future business opportunities, as well as negative impacts on employee confidence and performance.

“If a firm fails to handle the situation effectively, they have the potential to escalate to a point where the business not only loses a customer’s loyalty or future business but also impacts the employee’s confidence and capacity to serve other clients optimally,” she said.

Akingbohungbe further stressed the importance of businesses being prepared to address both internally and externally triggered customer complaints and the need to manage grievances in a manner that preserves the dignity and self-esteem of all parties involved.