• Friday, June 21, 2024
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Interswitch, VIPASO partner to drive mobile money payments

A force for progress: How Interswitch and ACI are powering Africa’s payments revolution

Interswitch and Vienna Payment Solutions (VIPASO) have announced a partnership to enhance payment solutions for banks, hospitality industry players, on-the-go services, financial institutions, and retailers.

According to the firms, the collaboration involves the introduction of VIPASO, which comprises two distinct applications.

“This synergistic alliance functionally introduces VIPASO, an innovative solution comprised of two distinct applications: a consumer app and a merchant app, on Interswitch’s platform, starting in Kenya, with progressively rapid regional adoption expected,” a statement said.

It said the applications seamlessly operate between a smartphone/feature phone (consumer) and a smartphone/feature phone (merchant) or between a smartphone/feature phone (consumer) and an Android Point of Sale terminal (merchant).

“The VIPASO solution utilises Bluetooth low-energy connectivity and offers an alternative payment method for consumers in scenarios where the traditional card or mobile phone payments are inconvenient or hindered by unreliable internet connectivity.”

As a strategic response to evolving challenges, this collaboration not only fortifies the security of financial transactions but also underscores Interswitch’s commitment to fostering digitalization and financial inclusion in Kenya, said Romana Rajput, Interswitch Country General Manager for Kenya.

“The VIPASO solution reflects Interswitch’s dedication to being a catalyst for industry innovation, adapting to changing trends, and meeting the evolving needs of customers in the pursuit of reliable solutions for financial inclusion.”

He added that they were honoured to partner with Interswitch in East Africa on our mission to make VIPASO technology available to everyone, everywhere,” said Matthias Horvath, CEO at VIPASO.

“We started VIPASO with a goal to make POS (point of sale) payments simple, reliable, safe and universal. The partnership with Interswitch marks significant progress towards achieving this goal.”