• Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Galooli Nigeria launches app to reduce operational costs for SMEs

Galooli Nigeria launches app to reduce operational costs for SMEs

Following its resolve to help Nigerian businesses access smarter solutions to reduce operational costs by blocking leakages, Galooli Advanced Solutions Nigeria has launched a mobile application in addition to its web and desktop applications, which allows users to track, monitor, and receive real-time analysis of business operations.

“Our goal is simple, and in three folds. In power generation, Galooli’s smart solutions help manage the crisis of energy generation by monitoring efficiency,” Tamir Piatecka, CEO of Galooli Advanced Solutions Ltd, stated during a recent meeting with partners held at Radisson Blu, V/I, Lagos.

He stated that the introduction of the mobile application is to enhance access by providing real-time data analysis for business owners whenever or wherever they may be. “The price of diesel has skyrocketed, and Nigerian businesses are highly affected because the majority of the people and businesses run on generators”.

According to him, the app allows users to track their power-generating systems, while on or away from their location, and determine the exact amount of diesel supplied, consumed, or stolen, which aids in reducing cost and blocking financial leakages.

“The same applies to Galooli’s fleet solution. We realise that owners want to know what goes on with their vehicles, in terms of fuel consumption and monitor driver behaviour, and we make that information available.

“The battery business is also booming worldwide and Galooli systems help prevent battery theft and monitor battery health,” Piatecka stated.

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Michael Enebeli, director of sales, and business development for Galooli Nigeria, stated that the idea behind the initiative was to reduce operational costs; with power, fleet and battery solutions.

“We have an energy crisis in Nigeria and that means that right now most people run back up power supply, be it power from you generating sets or battery-powered inverters.

“The main source of operational cost leakages from generator sets is from diesel supply. When you buy diesel for instance, how sure are you that it is the amount you request that you get without monitoring your suppliers? With Galooli Solutions, at the click of a button, especially now that we have the app, wherever you are you can get notifications of exactly how much was supplied. At the same time, you can monitor consumption and usage,” Enebeli stated.

He also disclosed that the solutions help in carbon footprint measurement, which is ultimately better for environmental sustainability.

“We recently had a client who provided power for a bank, and after monitoring for just two weeks, we detected that every night, while everyone was away, they were losing 20 litres, from theft by a security guard, which amounted to over #300,000.00 in lost revenue due to the cost of diesel at the time. When you have smart technology solutions installed, that solution pays for itself”.