• Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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FMN rewards trade partners

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Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc. (FMN), has reaffirmed its commitment to its trading partners and customers through investments and collaboration for growth, as the food manufacturer rewards partners at the annual Customer Forum and awards ceremony held in Lagos to show appreciation for and honour its customers and business partners.

“Working with our esteemed trade partners, FMN has remained consistent with its purpose of feeding the nation every day. We have been doing this for over 61 years and are determined to continue on this course,” said Devlin Hainsworth, Managing Director, Foods Division, FMN Plc.

According to Hainsworth, the yearly event provides an opportunity for the company to appreciate its distributors who had consistently demonstrated high volumes across the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.

He posits that FMN is appreciating the diligence of the distributors at meeting the demands for efficient delivery of products to end-users. “I am very excited to mention that over the years, a very large percentage of the company’s business has been driven by our key distributors,” Hainsworth stated.

Speaking further on the initiative, Hainsworth said FMN needs long-term partnerships with dealers who have the infrastructure, technical expertise, and local knowledge necessary to ensure its products reach the final mile, with the needed capacity to effectively deliver across the length and breadth of the country.

“Feeding the nation is a huge undertaking, which we have assessed in collaboration with our trade partners who share our vision, even as we continue to explore additional undiscovered potential for growth,” said Hainsworth.

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Paul Udochi, Head of Sales, B2B, FMN, assured the customers that the company’s consistency would further improve their mutual relationship. “FMN is a customer-centric organisation, which is why we’ve reserved time at this event to recognise our customers and reassure them of our mutually beneficial cooperation,” he said.

According to Udochi, all trade partners were rewarded with brand new Samsung A72 mobile phones. At the same time, others who had been recognised as high performers received additional awards such as bags of flour and the stars award of 12-ton, 15-ton, and 20-ton utility trucks.

“We will remain constant and will do everything possible to assist our consumers. We will continue to assist them in developing their skills and capabilities for growth. We will work to ensure that we grow together in the future since they are a critical component of the business,” said Udochi.

Adegboyega Badejo, CEO of Felicia Modupeoluwa Trading Company Limited, one of the awardees, expressed gratitude to FMN for its commitment to quality, collaboration, and acknowledgement of its stakeholders.

“I am ecstatic. This is a significant accomplishment for me. I am going back home with a brand-new 20-ton truck. I promise to continue to give it my all to ensure that I continue to win”.