• Friday, April 19, 2024
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Firm moves to mitigate rising fuel prices with solar power solutions

Bluetti, a global player in clean energy solutions, has unveiled sustainable energy alternatives to the Nigerian market to address the rising fuel prices. With the recent hike in fuel prices, the firm aims to empower Nigerian businesses and households with reliable but cost-effective energy options.

Nigeria has experienced a significant increase in fuel prices over the past few months, causing financial strain on businesses and households nationwide.

The escalating costs of traditional fuel sources have not only impacted the economy but also contributed to environmental pollution and carbon emissions. In response to this pressing issue, the energy firm said it has brought its state-of-the-art solar power solutions to Nigeria, offering a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Speaking about the products, Benjamin Yan, Bluetti’s global marketing manager said in a statement that “Due to a weak grid power supply, 40% of Nigerian households use generators and spend $14bn on fuel, according to a report. While the recent spike in fuel increases household energy expenditure has gone up.

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The firm said Solar generators harness the power of the Sun to generate electricity. They usually consist of an inverter, battery, and photovoltaic panels(PV) that convert sunlight into usable energy, which is then stored in a battery for later use.

On the difference between solar and fuel generators, he said “As we all use and know, fuel generators convert the chemical energy of gasoline into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy

“Solar generators are generally considered safer since they don’t require flammable fuels, eliminating risks such as fuel leaks or harmful emissions. However, improper charging can still lead to explosions.

“Fuel generators, on the other hand, run on fuel and carry certain safety risks. Additionally, they emit exhaust fumes and can not be placed indoors”.

He also said that Solar generators have higher upfront costs due to their advanced solar and battery systems. However, once installed, they utilize free solar energy and have fewer long-term operational costs.

Fuel generators have lower initial costs but require ongoing expenses for fuel, which can become expensive over time.